Post Holiday Blues


Christmas is all done. Exit the presents, the tree, the goodies and treats – – enter the next 6 months worth of dieting in preparation for the wedding – and the subsequent South American beach/scuba/snorkeling honeymoon that shall follow.

I’m up for it, though! I have my schedule. I have my menu. I have my willpower and determination. Who cares if I ate Santa’s entire plate of gingerbread cookies — and THEN SOME? I started yesterday and I’ll give you all an update in 6 months!

Sorta related – – I’ve spent my entire day working on this pretty complex design for a fitness and dieting blog that will go up soon . . . and during it all, I’ve been craving chocolate.

My question? Would I be craving chocolate if I weren’t working on this fitness and dieting blog?

Without a doubt.

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