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This weeks Thursday 13 is all about resolutions for the New Year. It’s good to have goals, isn’t it? Some are easier than others – – some I may not reach at all – – I’ll just make ’em do-vers for next year. :

  1. Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? Post them on your blog and enter the free blog design giveaway we’re running now through midnight 12/31/05!
  2. My biggest resolution for the New Year is of, of course, to become Mrs. to the gorgeous hunk-o-man I currently share my home with. That is the biggest, brightest and greatest event I have planned this year!
  3. Another goal I’m working on is to reach that ellusive size 8. In the past 10 years – – my body has seen size 16, 14, 12 and 10 . . I started my diet and exercise program on Monday with size 8 jeans in mind by June. Can she do it?
  4. You can grab Thursday Thirteen over by Leanne – the fabulous creator of this fun . . thing!

  5. Really, really do the volunteer Ski Patrol this year, instead of talking about doing it, and talking more about why I couldn’t do it this year.
  6. Continue being the homework nazi from hell and see my kids through yet another year of high school. It’s harder than you’d think!
  7. Keep a cleaner, more organized office. You’d be amazed to see the disorganized chaos that I allow my office to get sometimes!
  8. Cook more home-cooked meals. With this diet of mine – – I have big cooking daily cooking plans. My family will have never eaten so good!
  9. Keep those mother-daughter date nights more regular. Both of us let other things get in the way too often. I miss those movie dates, or shopping dates – – they are too few and far between.
  10. Be more sociable in life. It’s too easy for me to work, work, work at my computer all day long – – I fear becoming a hermit.
  11. Pick up the piano playing more regularly. I plunk around on occassion. I sat down teh other day and started playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and actually HAD to look at the sheet music. /eek!
  12. Stick to my business plan for 2006 like glue.
  13. Relax more with some scheduled ‘me time’ away from work, while still keeping true to my work ethics and responsibilities.
  14. Obtain my scuba certification before our honeymoon in Bon Aire. I’m a good snorkeler, though! But being a touch claustraphobic? Scuba diving holds some real challenges for me.

That’s all I have for now. The lunatic is on the grass.

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18 thoughts on “Pre-New Year Thursday 13”

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  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by.
    I hope to be a Mrs. in 2006 also. Was gonna happen in Oct. 2005, but we decided to save a little bit of money so we could get our own home. We’ve been together for over 5 years so it’ll be about time!

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  5. Hi!
    I didn’t realize until I read your contest rules that you are affiliated with Blogs-About. I use them and I LOVE them! I’ve even posted about how wonderful they are.
    I don’t think I’ll enter the contest, though, because even though I’d love a free design, I don’t have any fascinating new year’s resolutions. Unless I make some up……

  6. I will sleep on this one. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but rather prefer to resolve to do something at any given point instead of waiting on one specific day to begin.

    But I have read this far too late to put any time to it now, what with my early rise tomorrow,

    Can I post a Friday edition of Thursday13??

  7. awww… Moonlight Sonata… LOVE IT. i’m a piano player as well. although i haven’t played in quite a while myself. when i moved out of my parent’s house last year i didn’t have room for my piano (still don’t), so it’s sitting at my parent’s waiting for me. but some day soon i will have a bigger house and will be able to get my piano once again. i really miss it.

    great 13! here’s my 13 from yesterday

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  9. I am going to figure out how to do the trackback thing…that is a good contest!!!

    Kids need the homework Nazi to come out sometimes! I was one of those kids!

    I am also trying to lose weight, good luck to you!

  10. You must be soooooo excited that you are now in 2006 – the year of your big & beautiful wedding! I know I’m excited for you.

    Happy New Year!! xo

  11. I pretty much gave up on New Years Resolutions years ago. I seem to just lie to myself every year about something like that, and figure if there’s one person I should be honest with, it’s me! As to the list…

    Size 8 from size 16???? Dang! Don’t forget, a little weight in the right places is a VERY good thing!!!!:-?

    For the home cooked meals, check out the new America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook! I was good and waited until after Christmas to order it and it finally arrived on Friday. It’s friggin’ fantabulous! I’m not sure you can find a better cookbook for under $25, and it shows how to make some darn classy stuff without going for exotic ingredients. It’s easily one of the three best cookbooks I have.

    SCUBA certification – a great thing, but check into what the resort you’re going to requires and does. When I got my certification back in college, the dive shop told us to not be surprised if a lot of places we went to made us take a refresher course or the entire course they offered.

  12. Heya Astro – Actually, I’d be going from a 14 to an 8, but who’s counting? ;)) I was a healthy 16 (+?) last year before I lost 65lbs in my diet efforts – – got myself down to a 12 and now am back up to a 14. With my height and build – I might hit 10 and be perfectly happy… size 8 is a little optimistic, so who knows. But, Chris agrees with you on the whole ‘curves in the right places” thing 😉

    I’m going to have to look up that cookbook you mentioned, I’m on the look out for some killer recipies!

  13. Gotta check that one out then. The other one that I absolutely love is Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen. I can pretty much open that book up to any page and find something that sounds good, and the only thing we found in it so far we don’t like is his lasagna recipe. It was a bit too bland for us, as well as dang near taking both of us to lift the pan in and out of the oven…

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