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Talking about taking work to bed with you!

Over the past few weeks – I’ve been working pretty hot n’ heavy on this site owned by a guy who is a producer for a show on MTV2 called Subterranean. His site is all about music, music reviews, artists, record labels, etc, etc. The project has been super involved and we’re quickly nearing the end of the project. I’ve talked to Dave so much on the phone this week – he almost feels like part of the family, ya know? Like I should invite him over for turkey on Thanksgiving.

I kid.

Anyways – so I’ve been working hard on this site – that’s the jist of it.

Last night? I had a dream – and I blame it on this project.

In my dream – I am a participant in a reality TV show. Except it’s literally life or death . . if the audience boots me off, I get sentenced to death. Wtih me so far?

Yea. So – the point of it is… I, the participant, have 2 different songs that I have to review and present to the audience. My two songs?

Marooned by Pink Floyd.

Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughn

(well, originally Jimi Hendrix..but for the purposes of my dream.. SRV.)

I have to present these two songs to the audience.. a detailed explaination about which is my favorite one, and why. If the audience feels that I’ve presented my case for my number one song good enough – I get to advance to the second round and keep my head.

That was pretty much it. I don’t know if I actually advanced to the second round because I woke up in the middle of a brilliant presentation on the Pink Floyd song. I did wake up with my head – so I’m thinking it all went well.

Hmm.. both songs were instrumentals. No lyrics. Deeper meaning there, maybe?

I’m wondering if the fact that I was present in East Troy, Wisconsin at the Alpine Valley Music Theater the night on 8/27/90 that Stevie Ray Vaughn died in that fatal helicopter crash has anything to do with this dream at all? Or maybe it’s because I’m just a fan of the guy?

So.. yea. I’m working for a music review site who has ties to MTV (the guy who designed the logo for the site is the vjay for the Subterranean show on MTV2.) – – I dream about a music reality tv show where my life is in jeopardy based on how well, or how awful, I review 2 pieces of instrumental music.

Moral of this story: All work and no play makes Lisa a lunatic.

3 thoughts on “mtv on the brain”

  1. I envy you, or rather anyone who ever has conscious memories of their dreams. Near as I can tell, its been 20 years or more since I’ve been able to recount a sleeping dream.

    It’s less rare, but I almost never know I have dreamed at all; once in a while I’ll wake and know I had been dreaming, but I would never be able to describe it at all.

    Kudos your picks, however. I have been a Floyd fan for about 30 years now…

  2. I would find that extremely frustrating, Charlie. I have very vivid dreams on a regular basis. Quite often, the topic of our morning coffee chats revolve around some of my more bizzare dreams from the night before.

    And hey, if I’m going to dream about music? There’s none better than Pink Floyd 🙂

  3. On the occasions I wake and knew I had been dreaming, I never could remember anything particular about the dream. I even kept a pad next to my bed, in the hopes I could jot something down the moment I woke, but the entries were always I was …. somewhere or I was talking to…. — and that was it.

    After a time, I gave up trying… someone suggested once my creative energies were suffering because I can’t recall any dreams. Who knows…

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