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Both Chris and I work from home. Him in his office, me in my office – a wall separating the two of us for the better part of our days. We emerge every few hours to share a 15 minute coffee break together before we both go back and bury ourselves in our respective ‘caves’.

We finished our last coffee break about 10 minutes ago, and Chris pretty much dominated the conversation about something he heard once… either in an article, or from a commedian..he couldn’t remember.. but it went like this:

“You know how much the internet has grown over the past several years based on searches that are done.

In 1998 – if you did a search for “Sex With Goats” you’d get no returns.

In 2000 – if you did a search for “Sex With Goats” you’d get maybe 20 returns.

In 2004 – if you did a search for “Sex With Goats” the return would say “”Sorry – too many choices, please specify which type of goat

Ha. Of course now my site is going to be a hot spot for those searching for information on sex with goats. Gotta love the internet.

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11 thoughts on “Coffee Talk”

  1. Now that is ironic, Bob.

    You have a blog – who new? After all this time of you leaving comments here – I think this is the first time you’ve left a link 🙂

    I guess YOUR blog will be the hotspot on the internet for sex with goats, eh? =))

  2. Uhm, not only is this a hotspot for “sex with goats”, if you do a Google search for “sex with goats”, two of the first ten results will be for here… =))

  3. I found your site as I was googling my own site (as I often do, because I am a dork)… I think it is wonderful, funny, and very different… I hope that and can become friends…. Looking forward to reading more!


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