Who says blogs aren't useful?


Blogs ARE useful! If I didn’t know this before – I know it now. How do I know this?

Back in April of this year – I did this post about my engagement ring irritating the skin underneath it. It was really very bothersome to me and for the longest time (even after we got married) I couldn’t wear it.

Well, I could wear it for a few days – until the blister and rash started showing up again – then I’d have to take it off for a week or two until it healed. I could then wear it for 2-3 days until it came back – and the circle went on and on.

Well – my commenters solved the problem for me! And these folks aren’t even regular visitors to this site, they are people who found my post in Google.. stopped by, and left their solution. And what do you know – one of the solutions actually worked! I’ve been wearing my wedding AND engagement ring for over a month now, without any problems whatsoever! You’ll have to visit that post to read through the comments to see the solution – – but it worked and I’m forever grateful!

See? Blogs ARE useful!

Onto other matters – I have finally finished the site design for that MTV producer client that I wrote about a few times in the past several weeks. That project was REALLY involved – it took a lot of time and energy to complete, so I’m thrilled that it’s finally done. I did a post about what actually went into the entire project here on my Design Blog, if you’re interested. You can also visit the site, itself, at New Music Nation. It was quite a project – one that stretched the limits of my own knowlege, forcing me to learn a few new tricks along the way – – as I said in my post on my Design blog:

Almost two months after that initial contact, I feel like I’ve given birth and handed custody over to Dave with promises to visit often to see how the child grows!

Every so often, one of those special projects comes my way – – a project that I can really sink my teeth into, get really excited about and experience serious separation issues when it’s all over and 100% handed off to my client. That’s the experience I had with New Music Nation.

And that’s the truth! Whew!

I also launched a new design for Elizabeth over at Preppy Cafe this week – – hers was great fun to do. It included the installation and set up of a discussion forum on her site, as well as her blog design. For the longest time I griped about doing discussion forum designs – – I didn’t like doing them, but I would do them anyways – kicking and screaming the entire time. Why? Because they are icky that’s why. So many different templates to consider – – so many different elements.. lots of nit picky details.. blech! But, in the past month – I’ve done two different discussion forums for clients.. and I look back now and notice that I didn’t whine, bitch or complain about it at all.. I guess, somewhere along the way – discussion forums have become easier and easier for me to accomplish that now it’s not such a sore spot for me anymore. I guess I must have finally stretched my brain around them. Huh, who knew my brain could still stretch after all these years? Heh.

Doing the site at New Music Nation has kind of re-awakened that music fan in me – – one that I knew was there all along, but has been hiding in fear of being pushed away again and again, in favor of my hectic and busy lifestyle. Poor thing. In dealing with Dave and his site, it was hard not to catch on to his energy and passion for music . . it was hard not to ride the wave of his enthusiasm. As a result, I’ve been breaking out some old CDs I haven’t listened to in a great while – – and downloaded a few new ones that, if I had been paying attention I would have known about! I downloaded “Operation Mindcrime: II” by Queensryche – – being a big fan of the original Operation Mindcrime – I’m looking forward to getting to know this CD intimately, as well. I also broke out some of my favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn CDs and have even made an SRV fan out of my 15 year old daughter!

Time to get back to work for – – the fun never ends over here. So please excuse me while I kiss the sky.

4 thoughts on “Who says blogs aren't useful?”

  1. Don’t worry, Lisa, I won’t make a comment about you not stretching out as good in your old age… >:):o

    I’d worry about your daughter if you couldn’t convert her to SRV. Heck, I’d worry about anybody who couldn’t be converted to SRV. Do you have any of Corey Stevens’ stuff? He has a great SRV vibe going for him, and if you get a chance to see him live, puts on a great show. For other bluesy stuff, I’ve been having the Jeff Healey Band going through my head a lot lately. For a blind white boy, that boy can play!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think about Mindcrime 2. Been awfully tempted to pick that one up. Almost went to the Queensryche show earlier this month where they were going to do BOTH Mindcrimes, but nobody would go with me. 🙁 No, I wasn’t chickening out on going alone, I just knew I’d need a driver home!

  2. I haven’t checked out Corey Stevens.. but will put him on my list to give a listen too. And Jeff Healey – – you’ve got great taste in music, my friend! 😀 Now I’m going to blame you for being hooked on Healey for the next month!

    And the next time you get a chance to go see Queensryche, but are too chicken shit to go alone? HELLO?? CALL ME! You’re not THAT far away from me, man! Given the chance to see and hear Geoff Tate up close and personal? I’d do the drive!

    I’ve only just begun to dig into Operation Mind Crime II – but will let you know what I think of it.

    And.. the older I become, the more flexible I be. :p

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