don’t know, for the life of me, how people can have more than one cat! I have enough to do to keep up with my ONE.

He likes toilet paper – we’ve established this. Rips the stuff into shreds and trails it all over my house, if given the opportunity. If he gets ahold of a roll of it, it’s all over the kitchen, living room, my office, bathroom…trails down the stairs….I find piles of it in my rec. room down bathroom, my bedroom and sometimes he even makes it up onto the third floor. I can’t even hang the rolls of toilet paper on the holder on the wall in the bathroom anymore, because he annihilates that one too. So I have to put the toilet paper in the drawer in the bathroom.

My friend, D., was over for coffee the other day, used the bathroom and soon was yelling to me to bring her some TP cuz I seemed to be out. I had to tell her to look in the drawer, because I have to hide it from meowface otherwise a.) we wouldn’t have any toilet paper, ever and b.) I’d have constant messes all over the house. How to break him of the toilet paper habit? Any ideas? Anyone?

When C. moves here in May – I will have two cats in the house, because he’s bringing his cutie face Abyssinian named Talis; short for Talisman. Just when I’m getting used to the quirks of one – I adopt another! lol He is also talking of getting two more cats (oy!). He has a friend that does a fair amount of cat breeding of the Egyptian Sphinx kind – – you know, those bald, hairless cats with huge ears? When I was out there at his house last time, I met Vinnie – a Sphinx with no hair. They are the oddest things in the world, and I’m not sure I could get used to a cat with no hair.

I mean a bald pussy is one thing . . . .

Vinnie is the stud cat. He has the happy job of impregnating all the female cats. Vinnie was picked up yesterday and taken off somewhere to do his ‘thing’ – – at least some one is getting a little.

C. is also talking of getting a Bengal. Those are awesomely gorgeous cats, and I could live with that, I think.

I guess I just never saw myself as having more than one cat in my home at any given time. C.’s friend, the cat breeder, has like 13 of them – plus two dogs. You can’t help, at that point, than to have a house that smells of cat litter – just by nature of the living arrangement.

I have my meowface. I can definitely live with the addition of Talis (C.’s Abyssinian) – – I’m totally unsure about the hairless one…and I’m mulling over the prospect of the addition of a Bengal.

We definitely need a bigger house lol


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