Where was your god before?


Got into a bit of an argument earlier this week with someone on a discussion forum in regards to the discovery of Laci Peterson’s body – and that of her unborn son.

The people in the forum were going on and on about how it was ‘by god’s hand’ that Laci’s body ended up on that shore…and on Good Friday, even! It was ‘god’s work’

I posed a simple question to the forum members:

Where was your god the day she was murdered?

The answers I received were varied. Some called me a heathen…and infidel and I even was accused of worshipping satan (uh, if I don’t believe in god – – wouldn’t it stand to reason that I don’t believe in satan, either?). Some responded nicely and explained that their beliefs, as intangible as they may be, are based on faith. Another stated that the coincidences were too great to be considered anything other than divine intervention.

In response to where was god when Laci was murdered – I received the usual “Things happen for a reason” responses. “No one knows the mystery of gods work”….”god had a reason for wanting to call her home, etc”. If god wanted her home – couldn’t he have done something merciful, like pneumonia, or something? Why a brutal murder that tortures, not only Laci, but also her family and entire group of people who love and care for her? Again, the response is that god’s work remains a mystery – – no one can even begin to know or understand – or question – why god does what he does.

Sorry, not good enough for me. After that exchange – I remain the ever-loyal atheist.

God is described as omnipotent – meaning all-powerful. Just because he, himself, is intangible – if he were omnipotent – he could cause, prevent, slow down, speed up any tangible thing he so wishes to. The idea that a god has nothing to do with the actual murder- when you say, at the same time, that this god is almighty – well, it’s a contradiction, at best.

Further, god is described as omnipresent – meaning present everywhere at all times. To say that god had no idea that Scott Peterson was planning on doing this would contradict that definition. When you say that this god is omnipresent – as the christian god is described to be – then he must be all places at all times and could surely put an end to said earthquake, flood, famine and disease….and brutal murder.

The christian god is also described as benevolent. Surely a benevolent god would put a stop to damage, destruction and untimely death of innocent people as to ease the pain and suffering of mankind? Certainly if this god were omnipotent, as is described – then he most definitely has the power and the ability to do what he wants to do. Does this mean the christian god does not want to put an end to the suffering of mankind? It would seem so.

Perhaps the christian god does not murder people- yes, men do that. God is described as omniscience – meaning aving total knowledge; knowing everything: an omniscient deity. And perhaps god does not fire the gun to kill off innocents – – however because he is all knowing, almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent and benevolent – – a.) He knows that the murder will occur. b.) Men did do these things – but out of acts of pure benevolence in combination with his omniscience – a god could put an immediate end to it and even prevent it from occurring.

I presented my ideas to this forum – to which, I received no intelligent rebuttal. At that point, the discussion regressed into people quoting biblical verses at me (of which are no use to me – any more than a verse from a Janis Joplin tune)…I got offers to have my soul saved and more name-calling. But not one insightful rebuttal to my remarks.

I respect people’s choice in their religion and their beliefs. I have my own beliefs and don’t foist them off on people, unless they specifically ask about them. My disbelief in a god does not negate your belief in one – – it just simply shows a difference of opinion and belief.

I wonder why these ‘christians’ get so nasty when challenged by someone who does not believe? These were some of the nastiest people I’ve encountered in online discussion – – these christians. It leaves me befuddled.

I believe that this god had nothing more to do with Laci’s discovery than the Easter Bunny did. I just happen to think that whoever did this is someone who didn’t take stormy weather and high tide into account.

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2 thoughts on “Where was your god before?”

  1. You write quite well, with excellent logic. I wonder if part of the challenge in answering your questions might be the preconditions you place on the acceptability of the answers. In other words, if you don’t like the reason, then it can’t be true. Most of us think that way. I don’t blame you. I don’t have an answer to why God allowed or caused any particular event. But then, I’m not God and also don’t sit in judgment over God. The Bible quotes Jesus as saying (and I paraphrase): In this world you have trouble. But take courage, I have overcome the world.
    Since the question of the existence or nonexistence of God is the most important one a person can examine, I urge you to continue to pursue it. I can’t make up your mind to trust Jesus, and frankly, neither can you without some powerful divine assistance.
    But I do want to say that I admire your work…both the writing and the hospice. You’re courageous in both.

  2. Scott – thank you for your thoughtful reply. By far, one of the best I’ve recieved regarding this topic.

    I thank you for your kind words.

    Have a good day 🙂

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