Not mechanically inclined


Yesterday I did a brainless thing. Really, I know you’re shocked.

I had my feet up on my desk, relaxing. I was on-call yesterday, so I really couldn’t commit to doing anything but sitting around waiting for the pager to go off – – which it did, incessantly. So I was at work, at home – working on graphic/web design for a client and I was burning a whole buncha CD’s (wouldn’t you like to know?). I must have burned 50 CD’s worth of stuff – – so the CD-ROM’s door was open and closed and open and closed all day long.

With my feet up on the desk, drinking coffee…my pager went off at the same time, my phone rang. Yesterday was a nutso day on call, let me tell ya. I brought my feet down so I could lean over to grab my pager…and the CD door was open (my computer tower sits on the floor under my desk) and the heel of my right foot caught the door of the CD-ROM and I hard this ‘crunch’. I answered the phone…returned the page…called the person who was paging me and assured them that it’s perfectly find to use Depends on someone who is ‘peeing themselves’ . . then set about the task of investigating the CD door.

I found that it would not close – – it was stuck. Try though I may – it would not budge. I get all panicky with stuff like that – – especially because I still had massive amounts of CD’s to burn. So, I do what I always do in times like these – – I call C. and whine. He hates that. Got a computer problem, fine – explain it please…let’s fix it and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD don’t whine about it, cuz that just makes matters worse! Besides, what’s he supposed to do about it – – he’s in California??

He talks me through taking the CD-ROM out of my machine and disconnecting it.

‘See the four screws on the bottom plate? Remove them”

Ack! Ok – so I’m removing them…taking the case apart and trying to see where it was getting hung up. He’s trying to describe some little ‘pin’ or ‘pole’ that should be sticking down on the inside…and I’m just not seeing it. I whine – – he loses his cool…I get quiet…he says, “Are ya done now”

I end up removing the entire casing around this thing – – and unscrewing some other part on the inside. I took the door completely off it’s track and then put it back in, carefully – – and what do ya know? It was fixes. Now I just had to remember which way this silver, metal part went and how the casing fit back on.

After all was said and done – – after hassling with it and irritating him over it for about an hour, I had my CD-ROM back and was a burning fool once again.


I promise not to be so impatient next time.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! lol

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