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I have had this blog for 4 years now. I always mean to do an “About me” page – – or one of those 100 things about me – – or something equally revealing. After 4 years – I finally did it – – if you’re interested, go ahead and read.

This whole ‘about me’ page thing? It totally smacks of procrastination, doesn’t it? There are other things I really need to be doing!.

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9 thoughts on “Me, Me, Me”

  1. Heya Beth – no it’s not my blogiversary . . that would have been in October and it totally passed me by without saying a word. #-o

    I thought about doing an Xmas theme here this year . . not out of the realm of possibility 🙂

  2. Very nice page, and amazed with how many other things I agree with you on. But no Stripes or Animal House???? That’s just wrong in so many ways!!!! :d

  3. Astro – see what I mean? Folks just think I’m so weird when I say that – – so usually, I just keep it to myself so people don’t think I’m retarded, or something.

    So, I put it on my blog so you all can make fun of me. Everyone else does. :p

  4. At least you redeemed yourself a little with Norah Jones and Pink Floyd. I almost went to the Australian Pink Floyd show (they’re good enough that even Gilmore has admitted to being a fan of them) since I figure it’s going to be about as close as I ever get to seeing them, but the timing just didn’t work. They do have a movie or two out, so make sure you check them out if you see them. Saw Norah a couple years ago from something like the 13th row. Very nice show!

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