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Today has been good. Nay. Great! It’s just one of those fabulous days where everything clicks . . everything works . . you feel on the top of the world, Ma! I don’t have these days very often, so just bear with me here while I indulge in a little self-love.

See Me Speak at SXSW 2006The panel I’m on for the SXSW Interactive Conference in March is coming along nicely. All 5 of the Blog Design panelists have been brought together, via email – sharing ideas, knocking the crap outta stuff. I’m excited about it – even though I’m not much of a public speaker! Will I faint? Will I trip and fall on my shoelace? Will I drool? I know, I know . . just imagine everyone in their underwear, eh? Really . . I’m fine with speaking in public, as long as I’m prepared – which is why I’m thrilled that the panelists are being brought together so early in the game.

Work is flowing nicely. I love the feeling of things just.. working .. ya know? Today was a day that it just seemed my fingers and brain were working in total cohesiveness with one another without any interference from my usual shadows called Procrastination, Designer Block and Attention Deficit Disorder. FANTASTIC days like this one are few and far between. I’m trying to relish this one without screwing it up somehow!I like when that happens. I wish I could make it happen more often . . . like discover that magic formula that makes it happen? Because it does happen on occasion – just not often enough. I mean it because the moons are aligned correctly? Did I put just the right amount of sugar in my coffee this morning? Is it the music I’m listening to? The combination of all of the above? If I could just figure out the formula – – there’d just be no stopping me!

Oh, and I cleaned up my office space today – – I’m totally organized, it’s scaring me! Woot!

It snowed today! We’re going skiing tomorrow – – the hill has 8 runs open. I feel like a kid waiting around for summer vacation – – I’m so impatient I could just spit. Of course I won’t. Spit. You know what I mean?

Wedding plans are coming around nicely. I found luminaries and paper Chinese lanterns AT COST! Ordered them in bulk and am having them delivered to NY next month where Jane can store them until the big day. I’m working on Jane’s new website for her couture dress designs – – this will be a fun site to do, and I’m looking forward to doing it! She provided me with 5 CD’s full of photographs from a photo shoot that they did last month with their models – – so I have plenty of content to choose from. This site is her newest business venture – – and it’s a fantastic idea! I wish I could share . . but I’ve been bound by that pesky designer-client privilege thing. Bah.

I have my candles going. Have opened one of my favorite bottles of Mondavi white wines and I’m set. GREAT way to start the weekend!

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