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Haven’t mentioned it in a few days – but the voting is still open on Wizbang’s Weblog Awards and today is the last day to vote! My blog is running a not-so-close second place to Cold Fury – – and there are a l0t of great blog designs nominated in that category . . . go have a look and cast a vote!

I’ve voted in a few of the other cateogries . . I have to say, it’s very hard to chose. There are a few categories that I’ve voted more than once . . for more than one particular blog because I simply cannot make up my mind.

Weblog Awards are fun, and all that – – a nice distraction from the holiday shopping that I really should be doing (eek!) . . but, let’s face it – – 10 blogs nominated in different categories when there are gazillions of blogs out there who are just as deserving of notice for all sorts of great things. It’s a popularity contest, for the most part. Having never been part of the ‘in’ crowd . . . I’m just happy to be running second, for the moment. It goes up and down – – I think I was fourth yesterday. It’s just cool to be nominated – even if Chris did the nominating . . . he’s just a little biased, ya know.

If I lose – should I demand a recount? … Maybe just from the Ohio IP’s.

* snort *

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