Will Preston Forgive Me?


Brett FarveIt’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to sit my ass on the couch and vegged out in front of the TV and enjoyed a Packer game from start to finish. Today – I’m gonna do it. I’ve missed the last 3-4 weeks worth of games because of work – – relying on TV reports and blog reports on the game in order to catch the highlights.

I take that back. When I was in Atlanta last week – I did sit and watch the game against the Eagles . . . but I think I have that particular game blocked from my memory.

I refuse to miss todays game against the Lions. If their last game against the Lions is any indication – – I will certainly have a better Sunday than last week against the Eagles!

GAME UPDATE – – My Pack pulled it off in the very last seconds of the game – true to form!

Packers – 16
Lions – 13

Preston will surely forgive me if I don’t get to his bloggy stuff until tonight, won’t he? He seems like a nice enough guy. I’ve only put him off throughout my entire vacation! We’re installing WordPress on his account and migrating him over from Blogger and giving him a new design. Surely that can wait until after the Pack stomps some Lion ass, can’t it?

I have a GREAT image I’m using on Preston’s blog.. ssshhhh – don’t tell him, cuz it’s a surprise!

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9 thoughts on “Will Preston Forgive Me?”

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  2. Personally I think it would have been a lot more fun if the Lions would have won, just so it would be darn near even for the division. Of course, the Vikings lost and the Broncos won, so who cares beyond that?! :mrgreen:

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