A Glimpse


I’ve had the most interesting of days today. I’ve had the opportunity to see two vastly different sides of human nature – – one at it’s absolute best . . . the other at it’s most ugliest.

One caring, nurturing and kind. Thoughtful. Giving. Tender and gracious.

The other mean spirited, ugly, jealous and pitiful.

One shows me the best part of people – – something, and someone, I would strive to emulate more often in my own life.

The other shows me the worst part of people – – something, and someone, I would avoid at all costs.

Interesting what a day can bring!

As for tomorrow – – well . . . the Packers are playing the Lions in Lambeau , I still have more than half of my Appletini mix left (believe it or not!), some gift wrapping and gift shopping to do and of course more work to get done. PLUS! The kids are gone for the weekend, visiting their Dad – – not that I don’t love the little buggers . . . but these weekends are a treat for Mom 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

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