Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe
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This picture was taken in 2002 on our ski trip to Lake Tahoe. I haven’t skied yet ONCE this year… I ran across this one and damn near cried. Boo hoo hoo!

We’re going skiing on Saturday – – If I have to go by my damn self, dammit!

The scenery in Tahoe, though? Damn – ya just can’t beat it!

4 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe”

  1. I visited Tahoe once. The lake is gorgeous and the pines had the largest pine cones I’d ever seen. We took beginner lessons on the bunny slope there. I loved the scenery more than the skiing. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Wow..look at the background in that pic! I’d be too busy looking around and wind up going end over end down the run. Mike is dying to take me to Tahoe, even though he can’t ski. Ha! Maybe I should say yes…

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