I have nothing against Weblog Awards. They can be fun. It gives the nominees and finalists fun things to blog about for a month. It can give the illusion of popularity, acceptance and greatness (for whatever it’s worth). It’s all good. I hope everyone who wants to win..wins!

However, if I get one more f’n email begging for me to vote for them in this awards thing – I’m gonna blow a gasket. Today? I got 15 – – FIFTEEN – different emails asking me to go vote for them. Yesterday? I got 10 emails – – 5 from the same people who emailed me today.

Of the fifteen I got today? I know of one of those blogs… by “know of” .. I mean — I heard the name of their blog sometime, at some point, within the last year or so .. that the name of it got stuck somewhere in my gray matter somewhere along the way. I don’t know them. I don’t read their blogs. They don’t know me – – so why would they think I would go vote for some anonymous-to-me person for the “best of” anything?

Stop. The. Madness.

That being said? Go vote for Michael Yon for Best Media / Journalist Blog. In my opinion – the guys blog is the bees knees. It’s really good, too. (hey, at least I didn’t go harvest 100 email addresses from the blogosphere and send that out in mass email spam!)

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