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It’s Me
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I hate this picture!

But, I needed a decent picture to send in for my Bio for the SXSW Interactive Speakers page . . and the deadline was today, so not having any other decent pictures to sent – – this is the one that went.

My nose looks HUGE!! /scream

Of course, if Leanne were a better friend – she would have dropped everything and made her way up here to get a decent photo!

I know what she’ll say . . it’s MY fault for cancelling our shopping weekend. I know. I know.

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12 thoughts on “It's Me”

  1. You’re just saying that cuz I said your slutty picture wasn’t shitty ;))

    my nose IS big in this picture.. i think the glasses draw attention to it. But if you say so….thanks!

  2. You’re polish, eh? Me too. Enjoy the schnoz, it’s a trademark thing. You look all freakin’ smart in your frames. Jeez. Do you have to be better at everything?


  3. I’m Irish, thankyouverymuch. :p lol

    Those frames cost me $250.00 – – I had ’em for a week and then lost them when we went to Alabama in July. Pissed me right off, too. I loved those specs… :((

  4. I swear Astro – sometimes, I could just smack you! >:p If we ever spent an hour in the same room together – you’d have bruises – – I swear you would!

    that being said.. you know I love you, man. :-b

  5. I’d smack him, too. Just for good measure. The problem is, I think he’d like it.

    And darling, nose or no nose, I think you’re gorgeous! 🙂 Come here. Let me kiss that nose of yours. 😛

  6. Jeannette – you’re too sweet and can kiss my nose anytime 😡

    Astro won’t lay off my grey hairs….ever, so he needs a good hard spanking – – but I think you’re right Jeannette – he’d enjoy that way too much! We know all about Astro, eh?

    And the paddle recommendation? In the drawer of the nightstand…good and handy o:-)

  7. 🙂 I THINK YOU LOOK GREAT. I’M A NURSE TOO. BUT i DON’T HAVE THE EXPEARINCES THAT YOU HAVE. JUST A LOWLY lpn. keep up with all the good adventures for the rest of us who can’t
    merry christmas

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