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This makes for three weeks in a row that I’ve completed the Thursday Thirteen. But since Leanne added me to the blogroll – I figured I better keep it up for awhile, eh? Besides, it’s a little fun in middle of my week of total chaos! Here’s my 13 bits for the week:

  1. I recieved a wonderful testimonial from a recent client – – part of her testimonials stated the following: “…Should she ever need a place to live, food to eat or a compliment on her hair..I’m totally ready” – – that girl better hope I never end up homeless! Thank you, Emily!
  2. After the 6 inches of snow fell last night — I was up this morning at 6am and made sure I told the kids to walk around the yard to get to their bus, instead of walking through the yard – – I didn’t want them mucking up the freshly fallen beautiful snow with their footprints across the lawn.
  3. I have all my Christmas Shopping DONE and DUSTED! Now I just have to wrap it up!
  4. You can grab Thursday Thirteen over by Leanne – the fabulous creator of this fun . . thing!

  5. Standing in the living room of my house, I could see the christmas tree shaking. I looked for one of the cats under the tree to see if they were shaking ornaments down…when, instead, near the very top of the tree, I saw a little white head pop out of the branches, right underneath the star tree topper. Bubba climbed up the middle of the tree and was now stuck at the top. The little shit!
  6. Chris called from Atlanta. They scored a huge client contract this week! I’m so dammed proud of that man! Much celebration to be done when he gets home tomorrow!!
  7. On my radio right now? “My Angel is a Centerfold” – J. Geils Band. Yea, I know – I’m just too lazy to change it.
  8. I’m still jonesing for Alias Season 5 – – has anyone taped it?
  9. My daughter called my mother this week. “Grandma? Do you need any help with your Christmas cookies this year??” – – so she spent 4 hours over there yesterday helping Grandma bake her Christmas cookies. Sometimse I think that kid is the devil – – othertime, she is the sweetest thing in the entire world!
  10. She’s still stalking my blog trying to find out if I hint at her Christmas presents. No luck, kid. Go away.
  11. Last week, I shared a homemade eggnog recipe. It was really good – you should try it! This week, here is my recipe for Hot Buttered Rum (it can be made without the rum for the kids!):

    1 lb. butter, room temperature
    1 lb. powdered sugar
    1 lb. brown sugar
    1 tbsp. cinnamon
    1 tbsp. nutmeg
    1 gal. vanilla ice cream

    Combine butter, sugars, cinnamon and nutmeg; cream with an electric mixer. Stir in ice cream. Put in freezer overnight. When ready to serve put 1 shot rum (1 1/2 ounce) in each mug. Add 2 tablespoons of the frozen mixture and hot water to fill mug to each serving. Makes 40 servings. Mix can be put into smaller containers and frozen to use in small batches.

    This is absolutely yummy – – and a great ‘comfort’ drink on those cold winter nights!

  12. When sending an e-invoice to a client this morning, I wasn’t thinking. I typed in my own email address instead and billed myself. Duh.
  13. Music: I’ve been totally filling my Pink Floyd obsession lately. Over filling it. When it comes to Pink Floyd? Over-induldgence is a GOOD thing!
  14. For those of you in New York? I really, really hope the transit doesn’t strike like the news reports mention! That would NOT be a good thing.

That’s it. Rock and roll, hootchie koo.

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30 thoughts on “My Thirteen on Thursday”

  1. LOL at rock and roll, hootchie koo. I loathed that song when I was a kid. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for visiting me! I’m having issues with Blogger trying to add names, so I’ll do it as soon as I can figure out what the heck is going on!

  2. Hi! Great 13!!! Pink Floyd rocks!!!
    Billing yourself instead of the client! Sounds like something I would do! So long as you don’t pay it I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay!!! LOL!!!
    Take care

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  4. I love the fact that you made your children walk around the yard to keep the snow looking pristine!

    My Thirteen is found here @

  5. Okay not sure how to do the link thing yet but I did mine and I read yours! Kinda like I’ll sow you mine if you show me yours? Yikes! I love Pink Floyd-my hubby thinks I am wierd that I run to it on my iPod-Anyway gotta try that rum recipe of yours!

  6. One of the radio stations near here has 4:15 Floyd (wtih double shots on Tuesday and sometimes 3 song rock blocks on Friday). Knowing you can hear Pink Floyd on the drive home almost every day is a truly wonderful thing!

    Christmas shopping is almost done. Normally I try to be done before Thanksgiving, but this year I barely even got started by then.

    Maybe the kid is just trying to get out of the house any way she can…

  7. LOL! My mom used to make us not track through her snow too…but we lived in Louisianna and barely got enough to cover the grass. Now I live in CO and don’t care if it gets tracked up because there will be new snow in a few days.

    That was funny about your cat in the tree. We’ve never had a cat go up the tree…maybe because we’ve always had fake trees? I dunno. I did have a rabbit knock the popcorn string off and eat it though. πŸ™‚

    Here’s my 13 :)>-

  8. I miss the snow! I would make my guys walk around it too! Thanks for the recipe for HBR! I’ve recently been interested in trying it: looks fattening!

  9. Congrats, Chris & Co.!!!

    6 inches of snow. Ugh. You had better go skiing soon, or you’ll be wasting it all, you know.

    Bubba – pose for mom inside the tree! I wanna paint that portrait! πŸ˜‰

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  11. OMG, I’m surprised your kitty didn’t knock the tree over! And even though you were aggarvated that he was there in the tree, didn’t you just giggle a little bit, even if it was on the inside?

  12. That hot buttered rum recipe sounds awesome (although it would juet be “hot buttered” at his house…sans rum)!! I might have to try that…the kids would love it!

  13. my kids all read my blogs, except my oldest is away at school and forgot to take the link with her and i won’t give it to her, it’s great, it’s like a freedom to bitch about her without having to worry about her reading what i write. she is coming home for christmas break though, but i’m hoping she’ll be so busy she won’t think to read all of the past entries.
    i’m playing this week too.

  14. I saw your comment on Michele and LOVE the color of your blog…this is my favorite color….I don’t have a very interesting page but I am interested in a”design” and anything else that will make it easier for me to get around, etc. Only been blogging since the begining of October…but still do not know how to do all the Blogroll stuff…Anyway…I did the Thursday Thirteen and here is my info…

    Not knowing how to do any of the rest….that’s the best I can do for now.
    Come visit and you can get a feel for what I like to do on my blog…
    Very Interested in a Design.

  15. OMG, those cats. Aren’t they naughty sometimes. Thanks for linking me and coming by my site. I am not sure what you mean by all that leave a trackback from your site stuff, so I was happy to see I was already linked. If you care to, you could email me ( and explain.

    We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday, too. I said exactly the same thing to my son, but after he had already messed it up! UGH! Now I have footprints in my front yard.

  16. No wonder we got the same amt of snow–I just looked at your profile and saw that you are from Wisconsin–I am from Minnesota. Makes sense now. I love snow!

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  19. Ok, I’m pinging…we’ll see if it works. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Word Press can be so moody! Aren’t you the brillant person who fixed this problem for Beth (MVRWC)? How’dja do that!?

    Hot buttered rum…I think I even have everything in the house…except the ice cream…and I’ll be getting that tomorrow. I haven’t had it in years, but it’s wonderful when you have a cold.

    I did the Thursday Thirteen today for the first time ever…I’m so proud of myself for remembering that today is Thursday!

  20. Hi! I’m visiting you from TT. I used to love singing “My Angel Is A Centerfold” back in high school. πŸ˜€
    Congrats to you for finishing your christmas shopping!
    LOL @ making your kids walk around the yard. πŸ˜€

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