It takes all kinds . . .


. . . to make the world go ’round.

Citizens Against The Troops. I suppose these people aren’t the least bit thankful to our troops, past and present, who have fought and died for their right to speak their minds?

Nah. I didn’t think so, either.

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25 thoughts on “It takes all kinds . . .”

  1. What’s really sad is that this nut group only expouses what the government is presently implementing. At least the group isn’t lying about their desires.

  2. Interestingly, the site is now shut down and an apology letter has been posted. The letter makes it sound as if the whole thing was a hoax. The site’s creator, Michael Crook said “This site was only meant to be a “troll” site, but ended up hurting and angering people.”

    Ummmm…. yeah!!! If he thought he could create a site called “Citizens Against the Troops” that said the kinds of things he was posting there while our troops are out there defending the country; what in the world did he expect?

    Either he is one whom I would classify as “young and stupid” (been there, done that), or he was hoping for some notoriety and didn’t expect that he’d be villified to such an extent. Either way, the label of “stupid” sticks.


  3. I don’t agree with the war at all, but I support our troops. Heck I’m dating one. By the way I decided to link to your blog. You are the token Republican blog on my site. I didn’t want to be like the mainstream and just have views similar to mine on my blog. You can view your link at Keep blogging. It takes all types to keep the blogosphere hopping.

  4. i’ve seen this link so many times recently, posted without exception by people who were angry about the site’s existance. why oh why advertise it then? why give them traffic at all?
    i haven’t visited yet and i don’t plan to. some people are just not worth the attention.

  5. The only reason that people like that don’t move out of the states is that deep down they realize that they live in one of the few countries that gives to you the right to have your own opinion no matter how stupid it is.

  6. Personally I do not condone the butchering of innocent people in the name of freedom. Tell me where is the terrorist threat now ?…Maybe you’d be better informed if you took your nose out of the tabloids and paid a visit to the many other sources that depict the suffering (unnecessary) of the Iraqi people. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Sadaam and Bin Laden had to be dealt with and removed, but this has been achieved so pull our troops out and bring about the democracy that they are supposed to have won for Iraq.

  7. I believe that is what they are atempting to do Tony, or do you think that it should be an overnight operation and Iraq wakes up tomorrow to a huge power vacuum and thousands of heavily armed millitants, yeah that will work…

  8. Tony, lay off the pipe for a while. When your head clears, you’ll look back at the inane drivel you vomited here (and likely elsewhere) and be embarrassed.

  9. Apparently in Tony-land, after the Allies liberated Europe and defeated the Third Reich, they made a cup of tea, toasted one another, and went home for a nice warm bath the same night.

    Perhaps Tony would be better informed he inserted his nose (and eyes and ears and head) into this fun little thing we call “the real world.”

  10. ANYONE against the TROOPS, need to pull their collective Heads out of their Butts and get a CLUE!

    Along with the people who think that sitting down and “talking” to people like Saddam would have made a difference.

    Maybe what people like TONY need to do is QUIT visiting the sites that are set up by the liberal media that don’t FAIRLY depict what is going on over there. Believe it or not there are people over there that ARE BENEFITING from what is happening. Not that anyone would want us to know about THAT! It’s much MORE important that it looks like we are just out there causing more strife and anguish.

    Talk to some of the guys who have been there. NOT the idiots who come back and WHINE about their service. The ones who PROUDLY serve their country! Ask them about the families and the children and the people. About the differences THEY MADE!

  11. Oh please PLEASE do not click on this guy’s link – he’s a hacker (among other things) and watching every single visitor (on top of loving every minute of making people want to throw up).


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