A few weeks ago, Chris had an auto-starter installed on the truck. It’s a nice little gadget/toy. When I press a button on the keychain – the truck starts and stays running for 20 minutes before auto-shut off. Really nice in these below zero temperatures we’ve been having lately.

What’s especially nice is that the truck has heated seats. . . so those are nice and heated up, too. When skiing the other day – we got on the ski lift and Chris says, “Is this the last one for the night, babe?” I said, “Yea – I think so.” – so he pulled the keys out of his ski jacket and started the truck. It was nice and warm on our frozen butts when we got in.

The other day, I took my son to a dermatology appointment (for his chronic acne problem). It was cold that day and snowing like crazy. On our way out to the parking lot, he says “You should have started the truck when the Doctor told us that we were almost done, Mom. Then it would be all warm by now.”

True. I should have.

It really makes me wonder what on earth we did before the auto-truck starter? Good grief – did we REALLY have to deal with cold seats??

And to think my father had to walk to school. In 10 feet of snow. Barefoot.

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17 thoughts on “Vroom!”

  1. Isn’t it funny how quickly you become adjusted to the small luxuries?? We have an Expedition (ours is, however killing the environment) and that third row seat is so nice. I don’t have to listen to anyone arguing over who’s touching who anymore. 🙂

  2. My husband’s friend is an idiot. And my husband is an idiot too. His friend put an starter on a clutch. Bypassing the safetys. Know what happened? My husband started it after he had forgotten to take it out of gear and put the Ebrake on. Yep, has to be a new fender, and bought a new headlight. It’s funny you posted this, because I just posted about it on my blog. *LOL*

    That being said, I want one on my van. *L*

  3. Cars with heated seats? Wow. I guess a feature like that would be a best seller in snow country. Dammit… why the hell haven’t they invented “cool” seats for us Phoenix folks? Hell, I’d settle for a “cool” steering wheel.

  4. I hear you Lori!!! A water cooled Steering wheel. In my last job I worked for a company that made steering wheels There is a known problem with the melting in the southern states. They have a softish rubber in them around the metal frame, when it gets hot it can melt and black goo oozes through the stiching. My company would pay people for their molten steering wheels so they could research what was going wrong.

  5. …don’t forget the “uphill both ways” either! 🙄
    Also, don’t forget that there are still some of us that live in the archaic days of cold seats and manual starts! lol

  6. we don’t need seat warmers in singapore. what we need is just like what Lori wanted. cool seats and cool steering wheel. whew. each time i get a ride from my friend, we have to leave the door open awhile. maybe around 5mins before getting in. whole car feels like an oven inside…

  7. I want heated seats and a remote starter in my truck! Since that won’t happen in the near future, I just make sure we take my friend Lizz’s car to the barn to visit our horses. As soon as we get off for the night, she starts the car — then its thaw out time on the drive back to town! haha!:wink:

  8. We had a rental car last week and it had ‘bum warmers’ in it. Pure heaven. Now we’re back to our old car. No bum warmers. When I complained this morning, my dad reminded me that when he was little they practically had school all year long, the school was not heated, no A/C, it was uphill both ways…:roll: Tootles.

  9. yes Twenty fricking six! thats what they said on the radio this morning. Thats our low of course, not the high. It felt like 26 this morning too… Part of why I live here is that I don’t have to deal with that crap.

  10. They do make seat coolers. My friends SUV “Expedition” has air tubes built into it and some kind of chilled air pumped thru the tubes. Big hit in Arizona

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