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That’s the window above my desk, in my office. I’m thinkin’ there must be something pretty cool out there:

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11 thoughts on “I'm Thinkin' . . .”

  1. Ahhh. So precious. Now I wanna go home again and see mine. Thanks a lot. I’m supposed to be working. I know, my fault … here I am blogging instead of working. Hmph.

  2. Considering their interest and the fact that the window was open why didn’t they just go out and take a closer look ?

    I had 5 cats when I got married, 3 months later they were all gone! my wife is a dog person, I still prefer cats but they freak her out.

  3. They were blocked by the screen on the window – – otherwise, believe me, they’d have been out there in a heartbeat! 🙂

    I’m positive I wouldn’t give my cats up for anything . . you’re a stronger man than I am… er , I mean person. 😉

  4. I gave up a couple (they were my Ex-wifes and were as such doomed) One unfortunatly died and the forth ran away when the Greyhound turned up and he realized that no matter how much he scratched it up it was not going to get the message. I felt so sorry for the last one who was too timid to run away, die or stand up for the dog, so I sent him away for his own good.

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