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In this day of political campaigning and the talk, talk, talk of soft money…..527 groups …. Illegal campaign contributions…. yak yak yak, yada yada yada – -I wanted to bring your attention to something else.

A very good friend of mine is participating in a bike ride. Not just any bike ride, mind you – but the Annual 2004 MS Bike Tour.

This year, our goal is to break $1.6 million, but we cannot do it without your help. Click ‘Register Here’ to sign up today, or ‘Sponsor Participant’ to support a rider with a pledge that will go a long way towards the fight against the devastating effects of MS.

In honor of my MS patients, past and present – – and my friends who currently battle with the disease – -I’m asking you to take a virtual visit over to Vinny’s page. Read his pledge to his readers – – then give a little. Hell, give a lot, if you can!

Vinny promises not to pass out during the ride!! Right, Vinny? ….. Vinny?

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