The are making me change! Arggh. I don’t take to change too well. As I’ve talked about before, I’m working for Chris’s company doing database building and conversions – – I’ve been intensely training and learning, getting up to speed on how to use SQL Server 7 and in about 2 weeks, they are sending me to Dallas to meet with a client to learn their database set up and structure. They just let me know today that they’ll be paying my cell bill, however – my current monthly charge is more than they pay for their employee plan . . . so Chris wants me to change. I get to keep my same phone number, thankfully – – but I just got my nifty little camera phone! (whine!)

But! This is the little device that I may be getting in a few weeks – – to replace my nifty camera phone. Anyone have experience with this thing? It’s the Blackberry 7750. Apparently, it’s pretty nifty, too – from what I hear and read.

I’ll be switching from US Cellular to Verizon. I have no experience with Verizon, either. Input…anyone??

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  2. You’re getting a Crackberry? Rock on!

    Verizon? Don’t start me on Verizon. I made the mistake of porting over from AT&T, took months to get that mess straightened out.

    Ye-gads – there’s a Kerry ad on tv now. It’s bad enough the asshat is coming to my school tomorrow, I have to listen to one of his lying ads?

    *rant over*

  3. I found your blog by searching how to customize wordpress templates. Couldn’t resist commenting.

    I switched to Verizon from AT&T. AT&T drug their feet and didn’t complete the transport process. Verizon was awesome and harassed AT&T until they were done.

    Verizon’s coverage is far better than AT&T’s. I have their 50 states plan. They even had coverage in Elgin, NE, population 735.

    Still working on the template thing, though. 🙂

  4. Jeanette – – for templates, check out my other site over here. 🙂

    As for Verizon – I’ve heard that their coverage area is far superior to any other provider in the country. Thanks for your input 🙂

  5. I am an IT guy for a nationwide company, and we use Verizon. Lucky me, I’m the contact for cell phone issues. Verizon has the best coverage in the U.S. right now, and their America’s Choice calling plans are very reasonable. My Verizon rep has a blackberry that he carries with him. It doesn’t matter where he’s at, when I send him an e-mail, he get’s it. I have had to port numbers to Verizon from Cingular, AT&T, Nextel and Sprint. I’ve never had a problem with any of them, except in an instance where the original company was using a local landline prefix and the local Verizon tower was not located in the same prefix. All in all, I’ve been very happy with the company as a whole.
    Enjoy your new toy.:smile:

  6. I had trouble with AT&T (I live in Orange County, California) in that the signal would drop every time I passed a brick wall. Seriously. There are sound barrier walls all over on the I-5 freeway, and at every single one the signal would drop.

    I had Sprint before that and their coverage was spotty, at best.

    Verizon really kicks, uh, butt on coverage. Just stay on top of the number transport thing, otherwise it can take a really long time and you’d have to carry two phones around.

    Thanks for the tip on your blog templates. I have one I like. I just want to move the “recent posts” section to the left side of my blog. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. So, for now I just have a blank spot where I want it to go. Ha. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the input, everyone – – it sounds like my move to Verizon isn’t going to be so bad, after all – – with the exception of maybe the phone number changeover.

  8. Clickwheel, flywheel, something along those lines. You move the cursor around the screen with that wheel on the side of the device. You only end up using all the front buttons to type email, everything else is done with the wheel. You can try, for example, to enter phone numbers by hand to call, but it ends up being far easier to get everyone you routinely contact into the address book, so you can reach them by just wheeling down the list to their name, clicking for a menu, then selecting whether you want to call, email, sms, etc. the person in question.

    Holding a PDA to your face works better than you would think, too.

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