I got air!


Chris and I went skiing tonight – and the ankle is in good shape. I had a blast skiing in the ‘Terrain Park’ — that’s where all the moguls and the jumps are at. We had skied all the other runs early in the day and I was feeling exceptionally fluid tonight, so I figured I’d give the terrain park a run or two.

I ended up doing it for almost the rest of the night. The jumps and half-pipe were tons of fun and I became addicted to the jumps — I got air, tons of it – – and I just wanted more and more – – higher and higher!

There was this one snowboarding guy who skied the double black and cleared about 3/4 of the first part of the hill in the air – – that’s my next goal.

I know, I know – I’m gonna break something one of these days . . . but you just don’t think about that while you’re having a blast, ya know?

The second week in March we’re headed to Breckenridge for our annual ski trip and I can’t wait. I need the time off and am looking forward to some serious skiing there.

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