I made the switch. I’ve been going back and forth for about a month over it – and I finally made the switch over to exclusive use of Mozilla’s FireFox browser.

I started having funky issues with IE – – nothing major. For example, over on my other blog, I have some of the entries have 85+ comments in them. The individual entry page for those loads really really slow – – in addition, when you go to type your comments in on that page – the text renders excruciatingly slow! I tried everything I could try to think of with the coding – but nothing seems to help. Then, I loaded it in Firefox – and the problem was gone. The page rendered smoothly and quickly. I think it’s an IE issue with some of the javascripting that MT uses.

At first, I didn’t like FireFox because it renders CSS differently than IE. Some of my templates looked really bizzare in it – – but I’m learning how to code my CSS so that it’s cross-browser compliant, for the most part. Netscape, IE, Mozilla – – Opera users can kiss my butt because I’m not gonna worry about Opera because it renders everything oddly.

Anyways – time for coffee . . . haven’ t had any yet, believe it or not!

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