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1. Have you made lasting friendships via your blog that grew into a ‘real life’ friendship?

Yep! Two people that I have found true friendship with – I met through blogging. Chelle is someone that I have crossed paths with, indirectly, for years via the online world. It wasn’t until I started blogging that we started talking via MSN..shared phone numbers and sometimes talk for hours. Vinny is another true friend that I met via blogging. It started with his support of my other blog when it was called Boycott Hollywood – back in the day. The day it really, truly started was when we realized that he and I were at Ground Zero on the exact same day – at the exact same time. Chris and I will be happy to take Vinny and Beth out for dinner on our next visit to NYC.

2. How many of your offline conversations with friends, family, co-workers contain the words, “I blogged about that the other day….”?

Sometimes. Most of the people in my life know about my domains. My folks, friends and co-workers all read my political blog. Only a few know about this one. And everyone in my life knows about my hosting business along with my hosting blog. Most often the conversations start with….”Hey Lisa – I was reading your blog the other day…..” and that is either followed by praise – or a heated argument, depending.

3. Regarding blog templates – have you made any cool updates to your digs?

It seems I’m always doing something different to my template – because I have itchy fingers!

I added two new skins this week. One is called “Shakira” and the other, “G33kGuRL”.

4. Have any blogs given you inspiration this week – – good, bad or ugly?

I have to admit – I haven’t spent a whole lot of time online this week due to upgrades and updates being made to our hosting service. There’s only so much time in the day, you know? But I’m interested in hearing all about yours!

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  4. Okay. This is the hardest RE:Blogs yet! Especially for me! I don’t even design my own blog! (after much experimentation, I decided to leave it to the pros…) Oh, wait. You ARE a pro so you understand!

    BTW, I love G33kGuRL! I don’t know why though… But that’s what I got you set at!

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