Game Day


Seeing as how last weekend I was still on vacation – I had to miss the Packers v. Lions. Seems I didn’t miss much. 🙁

There was a nice Cigar and Congac bar that we’d all meet up in – – have a few drinks.. the guys would smoke a few stoggies. But because it’s a bar on a ship that gets sattelite television from european stations? All we could watch in there was Soccer and Tennis games. No football.. at all. Ever.

As for today? I’m settled in my office with some work and my TV tuned in.

So far? Not looking too good.

Packers v. Browns'  border=

Update: (sorry Astro – I fell asleep after the game!)


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5 thoughts on “Game Day”

  1. Looks like quite the competition between the Vikes and Pack this year! 😈

    GO BRONCOS!!! ONE AND ONE, BABY!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen::razz:

  2. you didn’t finish it off… how did they do? did they come back and win? did Farve pass for >300 yds? how many touchdowns did the score? ……

    Oh well at least you have us next week, we’re hopless, we can’t beat anyone…

    Go Bucs!

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