Peanut Butter Habit


Little known fact about me: I MUST be the first one to use a brand new peanut butter jar!

Yes – I’m obsessed with fresh peanut butter. I love opening a fresh jar and being the first to use it right away! I have wasted more peanut butter in my lifetime because of this obsession I have with brand new peanut butter. If I took a picture of our cupboard in the kitchen right now – – you would see at least three open jars of peanut butter. And it must be JIF!

I’m wasteful. Terrible, isn’t it?

Jif Peanut Butter Single Servin You can then imagine my pleasure when I was shopping yesterday and came upon the peanut butter aisle. Reaching for my favorite brand of JIF – – mouth watering already at the brand new jar… my hand hesitated a bit as my eyes wandered one product over and I saw it! Packs of single serving containers of JIF peanut butter!


Now, not only can I have freshly opened peanut butter on my bagel every single time – – but I won’t have to waste jars and jars of peanut butter in my quest for that fresh top layer anymore!

It’s the small things in life… I’m tellin’ ya!

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20 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Habit”

  1. This cracked me up as I have the same compulsion. I have several jars of “used” peanut butter in the back of the pantry. It’s also because in our house people tend to be lax about cleaning their jelly knife so in the pb jar are little trails of jelly. GAK!!!!!!!

  2. TJ! ANOTHER peanut butter nut??? Wow – I’m not feeling so very weird now.

    Jelly trails in the PB jar is the WORST! That’s enough for me to toss the jar. I’m really awful with this obsession of mine… picky peanut butter priss, I guess lol

  3. Chris was never so happy to hear about a new peanut butter product! I have to say, though – – he put up with my PB habit pretty well. Although, his attempts at hiding the new jars of PB until the old ones were used up.. well, that didn’t work so well 😳

  4. Reading this I started to wonder if one of Jeanette’s posts had somehow appeared here rather than on her blog! 😆

    Oh, and you can never have too much peanut butter in the house! :mrgreen:

  5. ROFL, Pam! It gets to english muffins much more frequently than bread. Whichever it is, the peanut butter has to get there within seconds so that when the jam or honey is added it becomes one big gooey mess on top… 😀

  6. Can’t stand Peanut butter, and you guys are bloody obsessed with it, have you ever noticed that about 75% of candy bars have either Peanuts or Peanut butter and the other 25% has both. Give me Marmite any day, only not in a candy bar because that would be GaH!

  7. Hello everyone LoL i so enjoyed reading all these post.I also think there all great.WoW how cool it would b 2 have singel servings.But that would cost a fortune haha in packageing.And since all my kids r grown.Guess i’l just eat the good ole regular one at a time w/CELERY yeah 😛

  8. Me, I’m a Skippy Super Chunk kinda guy.

    No hippy “mix it back together yourself, comrade” stuff. No Jif (though I have nothing against it, unlike the hippy stuff). No creamy smooth for me.

    No, no. Skippy Super Chunk.

  9. Joyce Silveira

    Where did you find the individual single serving peanut butter? I live in Northeast area – Vermont. Thanks Joyce

  10. You can get the single size Smuckers (which is Jif) from the Smuckers web site. They are $50.00 for 200 singles. I am a PB FREAK! Love it!! When my baby was in the hospital for a week, I kinda’ got hooked on the single servers. The hospital “nutrition” area always had those with crackers. They kept my PB obsession in check in that I was limited to an actual serving size. Who made up that rule?! Anyway, check out the web site. Seems pretty reasonable to a PB junkie!

  11. i am also like fresh peanut butter but that is cause in my house it becomes stale cause we are not usually hungrey for peanut butter so it just sits there for months not even opened after the seal is broke.

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