Lost Ticket!


So, I took a nap this afternoon and had a dream.

I was a waitress in a diner. It was my first day on the job, and no one would help me. They just gave me my pad of tickets, a pen and showed me where my section was.

I spent the evening taking orders from families sitting in booths. I kept writing down the orders wrong and kept having to re-write them on a new ticket, throwing away the original one. The families were getting very irritated with me – – in addition, I kept losing my pad of tickets. Everytime I went to take a new order – – the ticket pad was gone and I kept having to ask my co-workers, who for some reason weren’t talking to me, where my ticket pad was?

They would point to the waitress station and say “duh it’s right there”

I woke up feeling like an idiot who couldnt’ handle a job as a waitress.

Is this what I get for napping in the afternoon??

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8 thoughts on “Lost Ticket!”

  1. Hi I am a waitress.Been one for a very long time 😛 In the beginning didnt know a thing about what i was doin 🙄 Thought 2 mysel;f if i like it and i didnt at all but LOVED the people so i stuck with it.Not really into TOOTING my iwn HORN think iv become PRETTY DARN good ONE 😉 all the best Bonnie

  2. We went to Cracker Barrel this weekend, and it was real busy, our waitress was real stressed out and made several mistakes but was very good about it, when she brought the check it was for $12… for a family of 4. I checked the bill and she had missed off my main meal and my wifes. I called her over and told her it was wrong, she was so embaressed, she never complained but it was obvious she was having one of those days, I tipped her way over the standard, I hope I made her Sunday a little more bearable.

  3. Maybe it’s a sign… “don’t take the next waitress job that is offered to you”… LOL.. Hope your future afternoon naps allow you to sleep with out a ‘waitress nightmare’. Great Blog!

  4. :mrgreen:Maybe you would not be able to handle a waitress job.It is not as easy as it seems,being treated as a servant gets old.A good waitress who cares is hard to find.:mrgreen:

  5. Laura – sometimes I do, yea 🙂

    Lynette – I spent quite some time in my younger years as a waitress and bartender.. I know what you mean! It’s a thankless job, which is why I moved on 🙂

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