Christmas Cheer


As promised – – holiday light display at our house. These pictures don’t do it justice – – but then, pictures never do.

These trees are done in red, white and blue – the picture doesn’t really reflect that very well.

Our kitchen, taken around dinner time earlier this evening.

Pictures of the Christmas tree to follow – as soon as we have it done! We’ll be doing the tree inside the house later on this evening.

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11 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer”

  1. How cozy and beautiful – – I was such a grinch this year, but now that I’ve seen your festive home I’m going to do some decorating. No more humbug from me! 🙂

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  3. Fluffy – we live in Wisconsin. Not in the middle of a field, however lol – – kind of out in the country though, sorta surrounded by farms and cornfields – – so I guess you could call it a field 🙂 Thanks!

  4. ok lisa im a twat! for some reason i thought u were british… or at least lived in the uk. “I wanna live in america ”
    no really i do. that or australia. or maybe canada. i dunno. somewhere with space and family values but not a preachy place. somewhere where u dont have to lock ur doors at night

  5. Silly girl – I’m in the US. It can be a preachy place, sometimes – like anywhere else in the world, I suppose.

    Oh, and I lock my doors at night . . . . just in case 😉

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