Ok – Vinny is having an absolute cow over on his blog. Not without good reason, mind you – – but a cow, nonetheless.

Go over and give him a big hug, would ya?

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6 thoughts on “Moooooooooooo”

  1. Girl! I’m afraid to hug Vinny right now! Did you see where he went apechit on the news girl fanatics in a 6 month old post?! Heh, Vinny, you know we love you =)

  2. It is kind of intimidating, I can understand that. Hugging Vinnie might be a bit hazardous to your health – – so just send good, positive thoughts his way. lol

  3. I read vinny’s rant and it got me so worked up that I didn’t give him a hug – – I forgot in the midst of my comment becoming a rant of it’s own.

    I’ll give two hugs next time 🙂

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