WordPress 2.7 goes gold


It’s out! The much anticipated 2.7 release of WordPress is officially released into the wild.

Just want to give a quick and very heartfelt thanks to Matt for this statement on the WordPress Blog announcement of 2.7:

The Future

Those of you following along at home might have noticed this was our second major redesign of WordPress this year. Whoa nelly! While that wasn’t ideal, and I especially sympathize with those of you creating books or tutorials around WordPress, there’s good news. The changes to WordPress in 2.5 and 2.7 were necessary for us to break free of much of the legacy cruft and interface bloat that had built up over the years (gradually) and more importantly provide us with a UI framework and interface language we can use at the foundation to build tomorrow’s WordPress on, to express ideas we haven’t been able to before. So at the end of 2009 I expect, interface-wise, WordPress to look largely the same as it does now.

I cannot even begin to express the tingle in my toes and the utter warmth in my heart when I read that statement.  Not simply because he sympathizes – but to hear the rationale behind such a WHOPPER of a release to to know it’s for the greater good.  All those chocolate chip cookies… all that nail biting… all the fretting and the itty bitty little nips of scotch (seriously, itty bitty) while writing the 2nd Edition of WordPress For Dummies .. all of the stress washed away by that paragraph….well, that, and because I actually finished the book yesterday.  I know for a fact that Wiley Publishing will be supremely happy to read that!

I recently did an interview on Jeff’s WordPress Weekly (audio of the show available at the link)  show and was asked two interesting questions:

  1. Which is my alltime favorite version of WordPress?
  2. Have I tried 2.7 and what do I like the most about it?

Fun questions, really!  My answers:

  1. My favorite all-time version of WordPress has to be version 1.0. This was surprising for some – but I had to wax nostalgic for a moment, because it was with version 1.0 that I first discovered the wonderful world of WordPress.  My how it’s grown!  I migrated off Movable Type onto WordPress version 1.0 and haven’t looked back since.  It’s been a wonderful ride.
  2. Have I tried 2.7 and what do I like most? Yes, I’ve tried it.  I’ve been using 2.7 for about a month on this blog and on another test bed site I run for testing purposes only.  I’ve been religiously updating the nightly builds as they come and dutifully ‘oooooohing’ and ‘ahhhhhhing’ over every new feature and design upgrade.  If I had to abandon my nostalgia from question #1, I would have to say that 2.7 is my favorite version release thus far!If you never thought that WordPress devs really, really, really listened to community input – your doubts will be put to rest when you try 2.7 – – it is SO crazy user focused!  My favorite features, in this order:
    • The design – I adore it! I’ve mentioned a couple of times that while I was updating the WordPress For Dummies book to include the 2.7 updates – I routinely removed at least 2-3 steps in the ‘step-by-step’ instructions on how to do this, or that.  I found that navigating around the dashboard and admin interface, as a whole, has way fewer clicks than before – – and anyone that can reduce the amount of licks  it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop….er…wait – – if anyone can reduce the amount of clicks it takes to get me where I need to be in order to do what I need to do has got my vote, repeatedly.
    • My second favorite feature is what they’ve done to the Plugins! In 2.6, we welcomed the wonderful ability to receive notification when plugins needed to be upgraded – – as well as the ability to upgrade those plugins from within the WP administration panel.  With 2.7 – now we can search for, find, install, activate AND upgrade plugins.  No more downloading zip files!  No more uploading files via FTP!  Color me extremely grateful for this update!  If the plugin exists in the official WordPress Plugin Directory… then you can search it out, find it, install it and activate it on your blog without ever leaving your WP administration panel.  Loves it!
    • My third favorite features is the ability to upgrade the WordPress core files without ever leaving the WP administration panel.  Yep!  The necessary disclaimer applies:  as long as your host supports this feature, you will be able to use it.  Under Tools in the navigation menu, you find an Upgrade link.  Click it and you’re off and running at upgrading your own WordPress installation.

I have several other favorites when it comes to the new 2.7 release – – like QuickPress and the configurable Dashboard modules – – but my three points above are the ones I heart the most.  Oh – and in terms of the design – I like the Blue color version the best (in your Profile – – under ‘Your Profile’ in the Users menu) – you can select the Gray color scheme or the Blue color scheme.  I prefer the blue…it’s less dreary.

Also, the inclusion of the post_class(); template tag totally rocks.  See the post I made about it: post_class(); … Take advantage of the new “Sticky Post” feature in WordPress 2.7 it discusses the sticky post feature, as well as the markup that now gets inserted into your posts (as long as you have that particular tag in your template(s))  so that you can create special styles, using CSS, for different categories and tags, too!

Thanks, WordPress, for a phenomenal release!

Have you upgraded yet?  If yes – what do you love/hate?  If no – why not?  Get WordPress 2.7 now!

23 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 goes gold”

  1. I totally love the configurable dashboard.

    And yea, you said it out loud..but it’s just between us (and whoever meanders over this direction lol)

  2. WordPress 2.7 is the best Christmas gift ever. Don’t ya think? What I love on the new version of WP is the support of the threaded comments. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I can’t wait to see these comments transformed. 🙂

    1. Totally agreed, Dino 🙂 I haven’t fixed up my comments on this blog for threaded comments yet – – will get around to it sometime soon, though. I’ve worked with the threaded comments on other projects I’ve worked on and… lovesit! 😀

  3. I would have to say my favorite features are the Auto upgrade of the WP core files from the dashboard, the built in upload and unzipping of plugins and the post_class() features. I have been playing on a dev blog with the post_class and the possibilities are awesome.

  4. I’m really liking the 2.7 admin interface. I really didn’t like the 2.6 interface (I think I started with 2.5 or 2.4).

    The installation of the plug-ins is great but it really needs a better search.

    I was just planning on putting up WordPress as a CMS for GaryLaPointe.com, where I just had some really crappy pages pointing to my different stuff from around the web, and saw they released the final of WP 2.7 so I used that (instead of a beta) and it’s working really great so far!

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  5. Can’t wait for the new book! If only I could get it with a signed copy as well.

    Frankly I kinda miss the blue theme on the last WP edition. But The new Dashboard is Awesome!

    1. Eventually, yes Stephen 🙂 Probably within the next few weeks, I’ll upgrade that theme with the 2.7 goodies – like threaded comments and post classes. To note, the theme is compatible with 2.7 .. in that it *works* – it just doesn’t have the built in threaded comments and post classes yet. Thanks!

  6. Awesome, Lisa — I came over here in hopes of learning if you planned an update to the X-Mark theme I have come to love to enable all of the WP 2.7 features including the threaded comments. I can’t WAIT :d

  7. I have no idea about WP update. When I read your blog than I am really happy to see the changes of WP. Its really good. It is such a like Christmas gift from WP to all. Thanks…

  8. :(( I am a newbie to blogging and i have no idea how to use wordpress 2.7, it is so confusing. I am a blogger.com fan, it is great for complete beginners and non technical people like me.
    I cannot wait for your new book wordpress for dummies. Are there any online resources you could recommend please?

  9. I am just setting up my first wesite with WordPress and am looking for a good book for WordPress 2.7? My undertanding is that the dashboard is very different from the earlier versions of WordPress and webdesigners are having problems because of the new layout.

    Lisa, to what extent is your new edition geared to cover 2.7? I will be grateful for the best approach to take for a newbie just starting out!

    1. Hi deepak – thank you for stopping by. The 2nd Edition of WordPress For Dummies covers 2.7 from the very basics of set up, installation and managing your blog to information about theme development, plugin use and site development. Best of luck!

  10. I have ordered your book and look forward to using it to setup my website/s. Do you have updates planned as you detect unresolved issues? If so where can we be kept upto date. Many designers are using WordPress to develop complete professional looking websites rather than just for a blogging package. WordPress is clearly very powerful. Thanks.

  11. I am extremely delighted to be using WordPress 2.7. There is a lot of changes from previous versions, and the upgraded admin panel looks absolutely beautiful and is easy to navigate and work around.

  12. Hello Lisa

    Got your 2nd edition WP for Dummies book here and using your blogdesignsolutions theme for this site: http://iSpyWithMy.com – Would it be possible please for you to send me simple instructions upon how I can change the header on this theme to one of my own choosing?

    Would really appreciate your assistance if you could email me the help required.

    Cannot find out how to do this anywhere else so far.
    Wishing you an excellent summer ahead.

    Kindest regards.


  13. Hi Lisa
    just about to buy your book, which I understand includes wordpress 2.7.

    I need a good basic book and yours always gets great reviews.

    Got to ask… when are you covering 2.8?

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