36 Hours Later . . .


First things first, Dad is ok.

A big thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes – – I read them all and appreciate each and every single word.

They sent him in for a cardiac cath. early Monday morning. They didn’t even finish it all before they rushed him in for emergency surgery. He had a double coronary artery bypass as they found that one of his arteries was 100% blocked, the other two were 90% blocked.

Apparently, the surgeon told us that the one artery that is 100% blocked has been that way since birth. “That’s the way god made you, ” he said. He said his artery looks like a tree branch because it’s grown it’s own little system of blood vessels to compensate for not having a ‘normal’ artery.

They replaced the two on the left side of the heart – – both were 90% blocked. They did it by grafting a blood vessel from his right calf.

He was in surgery for 6 hours. I’ve been at the hospital since 2am Sunday evening. He went into surgery at 1pm Monday afternoon – was out by 7pm and admitted directly into ICU. We went up to see him – and it was so hard. He was on a ventilator and had every other tube known to man stuck in him, keeping him alive while his body recovered from the surgery.

Besides worrying if he’d make it through the surgery ok – – the hardest part was seeing him that way in the ICU. I guess, even as a nurse, I just wasn’t prepared to see him like that. For some stupid reason, I expected to go see him after his surgery and see just him. Not dad, buried underneath all that technology.

The nurse in me dissapeared for a good 24 hours and I was simply his daugher. I just love him so much. There are absolutely no words that exist to explain my father. He is the most wonderful man that anyone could ever meet. He is good, through and through – with a heart as big as the universe. That mans capacity for love and acceptance is truly amazing.

But he’s ok.

I stayed overnight at the hospital last night with my mom. This morning, they let us into the ICU to see him. He was still on the ventilator – – and still had all those tubes and wires. But he was more alert – and less sedated. He opened his eyes and I told him I love him.

He nodded and his eyes welled up with tears and I knew I had my Dad back.

I brought Mom home just about an hour ago – – we both needed some decent food and a shower. We’re headed back to the hospital in a few hours. We got a phone call shortly after I took her home – the nurse from the ICU said that they were able to remove the ventilator and the aortic balloon pump – and he was sitting up a bit in bed.

His first words to the nurse were, “Did Lisa take Penny (my mom) home so she could get her medication?”

I knew then that he’s going to be ok. If my Dad is worrying about other people, rather than himself – then everything is on it’s way back to normal now.

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18 thoughts on “36 Hours Later . . .”

  1. Lisa, I just read the previous post and am so sorry to read about what your dad went through. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.. I know how you felt being a nurse but leaving that behind when it is someone you love for somehow that love just overtakes any medical knowledge we have. If I can do anything I am here for you. Take care of you and your mom for your dad as that will be very important in the days to come.

  2. Thank you, Preston – that means a lot 🙂

    Vickie – I knew that you’d be able to relate to the nurse/daughter thing. That whole nurse things just flies out the window, doesn’t it? Thank you for your words.

    Astro – it is awesome news! They called later and actually said he’d be walking a few steps after dinner and they are encouraging him to poop. That’s progress, I guess! 😀

    Thanks Lisa! And Yaya – – thank you, too.

    I’m just giddy with the knowledge that he’s going to be ok. Which is a total reversal of my frame of mind from yesterday when I was worried sick.

    The range of emotions has me exhausted! But it’s a good day! 😀

  3. I’m so glad your dad is doing okay. My eyes started watering up reading this post.

    I went through something similar last year with my father. His first words when I arrived (after an 8-hour red-eye flight) was, “20,000 Koreans couldn’t kill me 50 years ago, this ain’t gonna kill me now!” That’s when I knew he’d pull through.

  4. Thank you, priss. I”m very happy to hear that everything went well with your dad. It’s not easy to go through – – and when you are in the moment of going through it . . there is nothing that will soothe the fear and the nerves, except for those first few lucid words that come out of his mouth.


  5. Aw…I am relieved for you, Lisa. I got the 2am call in Jan and it was already too late. Thank God for you and that your dad is recovering. Still thinking the best for you all.

  6. Lisa, I am so happy he got through it all okay. I can’t imagine what you went through in the last few days. Am praying for a perfect recovery.

  7. That’s good they’re encouraging him to poop. That’s be one nasty explosion if they wouldn’t let him for a while… 😯

  8. That’s fantastic hunnie! You made my eye water when you talked about your dad. He sounds like a really incredible person. Hopefully he’ll be fully recovered and back on his feet in no time. Big hugs and happy thoughts to you and your family.

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