When Nicolette Sheridan recently revealed that she cleans her house in the nude, the shock value lay more in her lack of domestic help than her absence of clothing. For all the public brouhaha over exposed flesh, most of us are actually quite comfortable in private with our naked form – and everyone else’s. Just take a look at the numbers:

Vanity Fair: Demi Moore

104 Number of references to the word ‘naked’ in the King James version of the bible.

1933 Year in which the movie “Ecstacy” features a totally naked Hedy Lamarr – with visible pubic hair and nipples (gasp!)

1934 Year in which Hollywood studios introduce the production code to regulate morally offensive material, including nudity.

1980 Year in which Richard Gere becomes the first Hollywood leading man to go full-frontal, in American Gigolo.

13 Lenth in inches of the prosthetic penis work by Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.

86 Percentage of American women who would like to see more male nudity in films.

90 million Number of viewers who saw Janet Jackson’s nipple during the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show.

530,000 Number of complaints recieved by the FCC.

1991 Year in which Demi Moore appears nude, and pregnant, on the cover of Vanity Fair

$12.5 million Amount Moore earned five years later to star in Striptease.

$1,500 Average amount of tips earned in a night by a dancer at Scores in New York City.

45 Number of models who stood for three hours in nothing but Helmut Lang thigh high boots for artist Vaessa Beecroft’s VB4-5 Installation.

7,000 Number of volunteers who posed nude on a Barcelona street for photographer Spencer Trunick.

$8,000 Amount spent by the Justice Dept. on drapes to cover the exposed breast of the 18 foot Spirit of Justice statue in it’s Great Hall.

72 Percentage of wordlwide streaking activity that takes place in the US.

85 Percentage of streakers who keep their shoes on.

270 Number of nudist clubs and resorts in operation throughout the US and Canada.

$499 Cost of a ticket aboard Castaway Travel’s all-nude charter flight (“Fly nude, dude!”) from Miami to Cancun.

42 Percentage of respondents to a leisure Travel Monitor survey interested in a resort that offers a ‘nude recreation experience’

10 Percentage who would be interested in one that offers nude golf.

– Allure Magazine – 5/2005

Umm…nude golf?

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10 thoughts on “Nudity”

  1. Not that I would want to play golf in the nude…ha! Actually not that I would want to play golf AT ALL….but I don’t get all the hubbub about nekkidness in general. There are more important issues to get all in a fret about, don’t ya think??

  2. Very nice rundown! The Justice Department’s finding Lady Justice obscene and spending that much money still pisses me off. It was actually one of the things that made me join the ACLU. 🙁

  3. Does the size of your club matter more in nude golf???

    and to add to the list…
    2004 – the year that astro said “Screw it, I don’t think the neighbors are in the fields and nobody else can see me. There’s no need to put on clothes to go hang laundry out!”… :shock::eek:

  4. Took my little sister (19) and one of her friends to Hair on the revival last summer. Fantastic play and wonderful music! I still have to pick up the soundtrack.

  5. Ummm…..
    WoW! That is the scariest pic I eva saw im my life!
    HeLp Me FrOm ThIs HoRrOr!!
    I wAnT mY mOmMy!!!!

  6. I do not appreciate public nudity.
    But the picture of Demi Moore was not obscene –
    it was beautiful. No happily pregnant woman
    could be otherwise.

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