The Dreaded 2am call


Mom called about 30 minutes ago.

Dad had a heart attack and was admitted to Froedert Hosp. in Milwaukee.

I’m leaving now, even though she told me not to come down until I wake up in the morning.

Like I could sleep.

I never listened to my mother, anyways.

I won’t be around today, if you’re looking for me. For hosting, if you submit a trouble ticket – we’ll find it a bit later in the day when Chris checks in. For design, please be patient.


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12 thoughts on “The Dreaded 2am call”

  1. I hope everything works out well Lisa – blogging is probably a long way from the top of your list of things to do… but as time, family, and circumstance permit keep us posted.

  2. Oh hunnie! I hate that. I hope everything turns out okay. I’ll be praying for you and your family and that your dad has a speedy recovery. *hugs*

  3. Oh, Lisa, I hope everything is going better with your dad! 😯

    Prayers for a swift recovery, and for your mother’s peace of mind as well!

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