You're Missing That One Final Screw


How’s did your Friday go? Mine was.. well… extraordinary. Happy weekend, everyone!

Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad

On a side note – it looks like I’m all official now. Guess I better get to work!

On another side note, I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Now, I’m not usually one to hop on every single new web gadget that rolls into town – but Twitter looks interesting in a social-networking/instant-messaging kind of way. I read about it at Aaron’s site, then read about it again over by Alex and have seen it on various sites and places around the web and thought I’d give it a try and see if I catch the Twitter bug. My speculations on it? It will go the way of shoutboxes and lose its luster as soon as the spammers dig in. We’ll see – – in the mean time – feel free to Twitter me, Baby – I’ll respond in kind.

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