You know it's bad when . . .


. . . a callous has formed on the tip of the finger that uses the mouse wheel.

It’s just tiny. But there.

Who knew?

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7 thoughts on “You know it's bad when . . .”

  1. 🙁

    I developed tendonitis in the knuckle of my right forefinger for the exact same reason. Holding down the left button while scrolling up and down IE windows.

  2. I know I havent’ posted about my juicer as of late. YOu’re missing the juicer posts, aren’t you?? I can tell.

    Here’s an update – – I had fresh orange/peach juice with my breakfast.

    Better? I should take a picture of my precious juicer and you could make a desktop wallpaper out of it! 😀

    It’s messy, though. If only I could just make my juice, then forget about it.

    I know! I need a juicer that has an automatic attachement to my garbage disposal and water line!! THEN! When I juice the fruit – – it automatically rinses itself out and flushes the fruit flesh down the disposal.

    Oh. To. Dream. 🙂

  3. See what I mean? Dirty little pervert.

    If you knew me better, you’d know which finger has the ‘mouse wheel’ callous . . and which has the ‘naughty’ callous.


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