So, here we are – living in the south for the next 2 weeks. It’s already been an experience!

For the 4th of July – we went to a fireworks show! It wasn’t the hour-long BIG BANG! that we are used to in Milwaukee down at the shore of Lake Michigan. No – this was done Lake Wedowee style. That’s right – – we all hopped in our trucks and drove up the road to the Citgo station! Yep – you heard it – – the fireworks show was held at the gas station down the street! We parked on the side of the road — got our lawn chairs out of the back of the truck and sat in the middle of the road to watch the show. It was all of three minutes long – – I think it lasted the entire length of Lynnard Skynnard’s “Sweet Home Alabama”.

Ain’t that the shit?

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4 thoughts on “Yeeeeehaw!”

  1. We got 15 minutes worth here, and we didn’t have to hear any damn song about Alabama. 😉

    Hope you are enjoying your vacation. 😛

  2. It does sound like it made for some really good family stories:smile: I hope you are having a great time!

  3. Ha! A fireworks display at a gas station. Too bad the grand finale wasn’t the Citgo going up in one giant explosion sending a fireball 200 feet into the air. Now THAT would’ve been ~the shit~, baby. (cue the intro to Sweet Home…)

    YEE HAW!

    Don’t worry-people here seriously fly the rebel flag and one of the grand poohbahs of the KKK lives about 15 minutes from my house. I can so totally relate.

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