Expecting Company


If we knew we were going to be spending the week with Cindy and Dennis – we would have made more room!

Don’t you HATE univited guests???

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5 thoughts on “Expecting Company”

  1. I guess if you’re going to have a working vacation, it may as well be rainy and windy, huh? Now you won’t be tempted to actually enjoy yourself on the lake!


  2. Lisa, you be careful. I know we are not always on your mind, but now that I know what company you are expecting, could you just post an I AM ALIVE for us:sad:

  3. Leanne – good thing this is a working vacation. Of course, every vacation I take is a working one . . . it’s not like hosting and design work is a hobby, or something :p Rainy days make for easier work days in the warm Alabama weather on the lake front! It still doesn’t keep me out of the outdoor jacuzzi, though – – at 104 degrees . . . it’s where I take my coffee breaks! 😀

    Pam – – I will definitely post an “I AM ALIVE” entry when Cindy has made her pass through. We are expecting the brunt of Cindy in a few hours and are about to make a trip to the local WalMart to stock up on necessary items. We’re not expecting Dennis until Sunday . . so we have some time there.

    Really, we’re not expecting the worst. I think by the time these storms have made landfall and make their way north where we are located in Alabama – – we should get nothing more than some rain and wind.

    (I hope!)

    Thanks Pam xoxox

  4. oh my god.
    Funny thing is 2 of my fav bloggers have the same names… they’re married. I thought for a second you were talking about them.. lol

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