When it rains . . it downpours


Well, obviously I’m back up and running after a, relatively, uneventful reformat and rebuild of my system. Whee, it’s nice to have a clean system that is functioning at it’s best performance! The rebuild is a pain in the but, however, the end result is SO worth it.

Last night I was on call for Hospice – and it was a crazy night all the way through until this morning. I ended up going out for a patient’s death at 2am – got home at 4am, then the pager went off again at 4:15 am and off I went again. Finally laid my head down to sleep at about 7am this morning.

Woke up around 10am.

So, I sat down with my new system this morning with the intention of getting some much needed work done, when my daughter came downstairs telling me that we have no water. My reply was, “Honey – there is a whole case of bottled water in the fridge out in the garage.”

“No,” she says, “I mean water, water – – like showers, toilets? You know – water running through our pipes?”

I go and check – and sure enough, not a drop of water coming out of anywhere.

Well, it turned into an all day affair as we attempted, on a Saturday no less, to get our plumber out here to take a look at the well and well pump – – and sure enough, our well pump needs replacing. Which, of course, can’t be done until Monday when they get the parts that they need.

In the meantime – we have no water. I shouldn’t say no water – – just not drinkable water. The guy who owns the shop next to our property allowed us to access his water by running an extremely long garden hose that runs from his spigot into our well pump – – which basically fills it with enough water to keep our toilets flushing and such. “Just don’t drink it,” he says.

No worries there.

So . . *sniff* *sniff* . . I’ve had no shower today. But I am going to head over to my folks house tomorrow and take a nice long hot shower and do a few loads of laundry.

I’m finally, just now at 8:30pm – sitting down to actually work today.

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