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I decided to do the reformat/rebuild tonight. Since tonight I’m on call for Hospice, it makes no sense for me to get deep into working on my many projects, I figured now would be a good time.


  • Back up successful and burned to CD
  • All driver CD’s are present (monitor, sound card, video card, motherboard, etc)
  • Took a screen shot of my Product ID #’s for various registered software (didn’t trust myself to write them down) and printed them out
  • Backed up a gazillion fonts, photoshop and paintshop plugins, favorites and other items of necessity
  • Have all program file CD’s that are necessary for install immediately after rebuild

Well – wish me luck! See ya on the flip side 😀

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9 thoughts on “Reformat Ready”

  1. I usually just make sure I have a driver for the network card, then get all drivers from the mfg’s sites to get the latest driver versions. Also these days it’s good to download SP-2 and have it on a cd or another partition and update from it before you even get on the network. It doesn’t take long to get worms/viruses once an unpatched system is online.

    Not to be a know-it-all 😎

  2. Godspeed, Lisa.

    One thing you may consider is cut’n’paste all your registration keys into a single text file. Then, after the re-install, it’s fairly trivial to cut’n’paste the numbers back in.

    I have a special CD upon which I have burned all the latest shareware apps I use, along with certain goodies such as the registration keys. When worst comes to worst (which, as you know, it did recently!) at least I can get back up to speed quickly with my favorite apps.

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