Water Update – Still None


Day #2 of the waterless home. Ever think of how very much we depend on water — it’s essential! You just don’t think about it on a regular basis, I bet! Thankfully we’re not completely without water – – but since it’s not drinkable water – I always have to think twice about it. I’m so used to filling the coffee maker up with water from the tap – – using it for cooking, etc. Tomorrow the plumbing crew will be here at 8am to start installing the new well pumb – – it’s a four hour process that will have trucks and guys all over my yard – – OOoo, I need to recharge the batteries in my camera!

Busy days over here! Busy is always good. We welcomed two new members to the Blogs About Buddies in the last two days. Melissa set her son up with his own domain at The Game Domain and JA has a new place over at One Eyed Cat – – both are brand new start up blogs, so go on over and make them feel welcome, once they get their blogs up and running!

Speaking of work – – I should really be doing it!

In the meantime – – check out some of the gems I found in the blogosphere today:

Chris put up a great Packer Joke for the day! Set me up in the right frame of mind for the Pack to pound the Giants today!. (The score is currently tied 7-7 – – I refrained from making any predictions today, just to see if that makes a difference!).

After watching the debate, Thomas brings us this gem: John Kerry and 21 of his lies, misleading and wrong answers.

Uptown Girl is a sick girl this week – hopefully she’s feeling better. Go on over and wish her well.

I’ve been getting a few emails in the last few weeks asking how to add a blogroll to your blog. Simple process really – and because of the questions – I posted a step by step here.

Dean gets the whole ‘how to wage a more sensitive war’ concept now.

Lori shares her thoughts on how cable news has been outfoxed!

That’s it for now! Back to work!

7 thoughts on “Water Update – Still None”

  1. Not only do I sympathize with the water thing, I empathize! We had a water pipe burst behind our kitchen sink about three months after we moved in to our house…on Friday night, of course. Lucky for us my mom lived 10 minutes away so we showered there and loaded up our 5 gallon buckets with water for our toilets and whatnot. What a pain. Our water was turned off for about four days before the problem could be fixed. On an unrelated topic…Brett Favre took a nice hit to the noggin…the husband and I were expecting to watch him run around in circles but instead he threw a touchdown pass. You should be so proud. 🙂 Hang in there!

  2. Stacy – thank god for parents who live close by! 🙂 The Pack lost again today – – maybe Favre deserves a bonk on the head?? 😉

  3. Actually, I have been without water. Way back when I was poor I couldn’t pay the bill a couple of times and they shut it off. Water is very important. Very important.

  4. After Hurricane Ivan, we were without any water for a couple of days. We filled up one of the bathtubs (the other bathtub leaked) and another metal tub before the storm. But it goes fast when you need to do things like flush the toilet. Not being able to take a shower or wash your hair really sucks. 🙁 Fortunately, the water came back on within a couple of days. While you couldn’t drink it, you could at least bathe and flush the toilet.

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