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Did you have a good Saturday like I told you too? I hope so! I did.

Melissa (my daughter) and I went to see that play last night and had some great fun doing it. It was a 2003 version of Little Red Riding Hood, done by a local children’s theater – and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. She looked beautiful, too. We got dressed up to go and I did her hair for her in a fancy little ‘up do’. She looked beautiful. She’s 12 and beginning to look more and more like a little woman every day. Scary.

I had one of those wistful, mother moments during the play last night. It was dark in the theater – except for the lights from the stage. I looked at her while she was watching and caught her profile and caught my breath. All at once she looked like a beautiful, mature young lady and a curious, young child all at the same time. Watching the play with child-like anticipation and joy – – but sitting there with her hair swept up her legs crossed, almost as tall as me. I was taken aback and started having flash forwards to things like boyfriends, prom, weddings…..Arrrrgggghhhhhhh!

Oh, it won’t be so bad – – – will it?

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