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Chelle taught me about Blog It Forward Day. A relatively new ‘thing’ for me – as I had never heard of such a thing before. Until “Blog It Forward”, I used to refer to it as “Shameless Link Whoring”.

Semantics, semantics.

The idea here – from what I gather, is to pick a few blogs off your blogroll and give ’em the exposure and linkage they deserve. So here I go – – popping my “BIFD” (Blog It Foward Day) cherry :

Pinky has a great new looking blog over there in the UK. She certainly does not need my link whoring, by any means – – she’s pretty well read over there. And for good reason – – she’s one snarky Brit who is sexier than hell. Fancy that!

I’ve been a quiet reader of Infinite Pink for over a year, now and am always entertained by her wit and wisdoms. Plus, her “Home Alone” post is worth a wild chuckle, or two.

Wander over and read Susan at Lilac Rose – – she makes me laugh and smile with many of her postings. She’s definitely a daily read.

Kate over at Electric Venom is the Madame of the Link-Whore-House. I love her blog – you should to. Get over there and read!

The newest addition to my blogroll is Uptown Girl. Smart and sassy with a brand new blog in place that is just too cool!

I should be listing a snippet about all my favorite blogs today – – but I’m not going to until someone, somewhere tells me how to make all the targets for my links within a MT post default to “_blank” without me having to go in and manually insert them!!!

If you’re on my blogroll – – know that I read you at least weekly – – if not daily! Thank you all for all that you do in the way of keeping me entertained and informed!

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12 thoughts on “Blog It Forward”

  1. wb home Lisa!
    I knew i was forgetting something, and that was to come back over here and check if ud returned or not.
    Very moving post about ground zero and the flute man. Makes me wish i could go and see it and do some long hard thinking.

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  3. go change edit_entry.tmpl in your mt\templ\cms directory and add target=”_blank” in the linky template on line 129. well, at least that worked for me.

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