We Remember


Pearl Harbor is its Name

Ships resting gently in Pearl Harbor,
A very peaceful sight.
No one thought by early morning,
There would be a terrible fight.
For the Japanese came sneaking,
Out of the morning light,
And headed towards Pearl Harbor,
To attack with all their might.

They caught the Harbor unaware,
Set loose their weapons of war.
Bombs and torpedoes were raining down,
Upon this Hawaiian shore.
Along Battleship row, the Pacific fleet,
Were caught right in the trap.
Death and destruction started this war,
There would be no turning back.

Many ships were sunk that day,
Some sent to an Ocean grave,
And many lives were taken,
That others could not save.
They went to their final resting place,
Here, they shall remain,
In a watery grave in Hawaii,
Pearl Harbor is its name.


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December 7, 1941 – The day that will forever live on in infamy. It’s important to remember this day, every year – – to remember those who died 62 years ago at Pearl Harbor. A nation attacked, so suddenly – with no warning . . . at the hour and time of the enemies choosing. Sounds to me a bit like 9/11.

Freedom is not free – – it is earned. I will never forget the sacrifices made by the men and women who came before me in the name of Freedom. It is my wish that everyone remembers this, the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, every year with somber gratitude to those who have blazed the trail before us.

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