Go ahead. Say it out loud – -it sounds better that way, and it’s kind of fun rolling off the tongue….



That’s where this lake home is. Lake Wedowee in Wedowee, Alabama. Population: 811.

Well, at least I know where I’m going this weekend. To fix up our new vacation home in



A few side notes:

– I tore the fingernail off my pinkie finger on my left hand. Not just the tip – – the whole thing. Right off the nail bed and everything. OUCH!

– 10,000 Maniacs are still cool by me. Natalie Merchant still rocks my world.

– I was able to get my hands a picture of the house in Weeeeedoweeeeeeee:

Thats all I have on it. But at least I can tell my mother where I’ll be.

Sheesh – you’d think I was 16 when it comes to that woman!

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6 thoughts on “Wedowee”

  1. How did you rip your fingernail off? Crud, just typing that makes my tongue hurt. Do not ask me why my finger nerves are connected to my tongue, they just are, okay?

    Pretty trees around your dream home there.

  2. Wedowee is only like an hour or so from where I live. I’ve been there on several occasions. It’s really nice. You should enjoy the peace and quiet. :mrgreen:

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