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I hired more new talent at E.Webscapes. Sick of hearing about it yet? I’m not – – we’re rockin’ over there!

Check out this. And then after you’ve done that – check out this.

We”ve brought Ms. Artist Extraordinaire on board at E.Webcapes where she will wield her mighty brush, pen, ink and whatever other medium she uses over there to bring custom illustrations to life. I’m excited.

She recently bought this cool Wacom tablet to do illustrations on. She just tried it out. She was so excited to show me. The conversation went something like this:

leanne : i installed my wacom.

leanne : sending you something @ elegantwebscapes

lisa: in your rendering? your feet look like two little penis heads

lisa: well!

lisa: look at ’em

leanne : for never having used one of these things before, that’s not bad.

leanne: i didn’t switch brushes or experiment a lot

lisa: they do!

leanne : they look like my dayum feet

lisa: that’s pretty damn good really

leanne : lol

lisa: no, they look like penis heads

leanne : well. i suppose if CHRIS has BLUE STRIPES on his PENIS

leanne : and PINK DOTS

leanne : then yes.

leanne : they look like pnis heads

lisa: penis heads

leanne : penis

leanne : you just like to type that

lisa: sorry

lisa: lol

lisa: dick heads?

leanne : well.

leanne : okay then.

leanne : perhaps i could have chosen different reference material.

lisa: lol

leanne : just had to show ya. you hate it so bye.

lisa: I don’t hate it

lisa: who can hate dual penis heads?

Well? Decide for yourself:

Original photo:


The Wacom Sketch:

penis heads


I love ya, Leanne. I do!

Your talent is second to none!

14 thoughts on “You HAD to be there”

  1. Just wait until I’m done with your rendering, missy. I shall give you penis heads and post it in my blog and show the world! MUAHHHAHA!


  2. I am going to tuck your hair behind your ear, and you shall have a penis sticking out of the side of your head. And there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.

  3. geeze, I head down to Nebraska for a couple days and then you need my input. I’m not sure about the penis heads. Maybe we should have Leanne draw some vaginas and if the two pictures go together then we’ll know for sure… 😈

  4. Lisa, my favorite person to ear rape, I’m doing a part II to the story I wrote not so long ago. I would love for you to be a part of it. Purty pulease! Link

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