Sweet Home Alabama


I’m flying to Atlanta on Friday. From there, I’m driving over to Alabama (over? down? up? whatever.) to spend the weekend fixing up a house on some lake somewhere.

Sounds fun. I’ve never seen the house. I don’t know what town it is in. I have no idea what lake it is on. But it’s our vacation home now. And I’m going down to help get it ready for our first party in June – when we’re celebrating Tammy’s 40th and Chris’s 35th.

Tammy is the wife of Chris’s business partner, Dan.

Dan and Chris, along with their accountant, decided the company needed some serious depreciable assets to offset some of their taxes. So, the company purchased a vacation home. On a lake. Somewhere in Alabama.

If I sound clueless, it’s because I am, really. I’m all for it – – but picture the conversation I had with my mother today:

Me: Hi Mom – – is it ok for the kids to come over this weekend? I figured they can help around the house with some of the outdoor things that Dad hasn’t been able to do. Clean the gutters. Mow the lawn. Help get the garden started . . that type of thing.

Mom: Sure, we’d love that. Where are you going?

Me: Alabama.

Mom: Alabama?

Me: Yea.

Mom: Where in Alabama and why?

Me: I don’t know where – and to get the house ready for a get together we’re having in June.

Mom: A house? Are you moving to Alabama???

Me: No. It’s a vacation house that Mosaic bought. It’s on a lake somewhere down there.

Mom: So, you don’t know where it is? Or what lake? Or anything?

Me: Nope. I’m just going along for the ride. By the way – – we’re having a 4th of July bash down there this year – – do you and Dad want to come with us? We’ll be driving down that week?

Mom: Not if we don’t know where we’re going. (smirk)

Me: I should have more information by then, smarty pants.

Yep. Clueless as hell – that’s me!

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  1. If you’re flying into Atlanta and heading towards Alabama then you’ll mostly likely be passing through my town. I live in Georgia on the Ga/Al line. We’re the last exit on I-20 before you get to Alabama, a little town called Tallapoosa. Wave to me when you drive by.:mrgreen: The lakes are really nice around here… you’ll love it!!

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