We are Outta here!


You won’t see me blogging over the next week. We’re headed to California for some much needed rest and relaxation! I’m putting my flying fears behind me (yea right) and hopping on that plane (scream!) and flying across the country to spend time with friends and just generally veg out.

I will find myself at a computer at least once a day because I need to keep an eye on the webserver and make sure that no one is having any issues with their accounts. Maybe…just maybe, I’ll pop in here and post a picture or two of vacation things – – highly doubtful, though. But ya never know.

Kissed and hugged the kids goodbye for the week – – check.
Gave the folks some money so the kids could have pocket money to do stuff while we’re gone – – check.
Packed everything I needed, plus a whole lotta stuff I don’t need – – check.
Said goodbye to all my bloggy friends – – check.

Only think I have left to do is take my valium and down it with two gin martinis – don’t forget the olive!

Have a great week, everyone 🙂

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