Chantico I bought one of these at Starbucks today. It’s called a Chantico. As a lover of all things chocolate, I figured I’d give it a try. I mean – drinkable chocolate . . . for someone who loves to suck the Hershey’s Syrup right out of the bottle – this had to be for me! It’s 6 ounces of warmed, drinkable chocolate. I don’t mean like a hot cocoa, or anything like that.

Imagine the smoothest, richest, most perfect chocolate bar you’ve ever tasted . . . then melt it and pour it in a cup and drink it. The texture is thick and I found that I really could only have a drink or two before I reached my Chantico quota. I had to share it with my daughter – – who was more than happy to help her mother out with this.

The first few sips were absolute heaven! I was sure that somewhere in the top floor offices of the Starbucks corporate world, behind a big mahogany desk in a corner office with a view, sat my soul mate. The one person in this world who had reached deep into my mind and touched the inner reaches of all that is me. This person – my soul mate – came up with the idea of drinkable chocolate! I want to meet this person! I want my picture taken with them! I want to buy them a cup of coffee and sit and chat about life for awhile.

Err . . except at 390 calories . . apparently this person ignored my hips and thighs completely. And 190 calories from the 21 grams of fat!

I think one a year will be my treat to myself. Oh, but it was heaven!

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  1. You could have poured it over my cake. I have Godiva ice cream you know, that goes really good with drinkable chocolate drizzled over the top of triple fudge cake. 😛

  2. wow that sounds dreamy. That’s it – – next weekend . . I’ll bring the drinkable chocolate – – you get the ice cream and cake and we’ll sit on your new wood floor and gorge ourselves, k?


  3. Ooooohhh yea!! Deal!

    You’re really not helping me lose that last 20 before the man gets back! Come take my chocolate away from me. Please. 😛

    Didn’t I say I was going to bed? Urg.

  4. Ok, I just about shit myself when you said 390 grams of fat! I had to go to the link and see. I calmed down after seeing it is actually 21 grams of fat. Could you imagine if it really was 390 grams of fat? You would die of a heart attack right after you drank it.

  5. Call me wierd, but for some reason I can’t stand melted chocolate, nor can I stand anything cooked with chocolate or Chocolate Ice cream…. Love Chocolate thought, especially a cadburys “Flake”….

    PS I’d like to point out I have no relationship to “FREDDIE”

  6. Mmm…I made a wonderfully decadent chocolate ganache for my little guy’s birthday cake on the 15th…pure sin, I tell you. But sooooo goooood…..
    I got an interesting email awhile back from a Marine I used to work with re: Starbucks and their lack of support for the war. It was a forward from a Sgt. serving with a recon platoon in Iraq…True? I don’t know. I have sent two emails to Starbucks trying to get a definitive answer and have not heard back from them, which leads me to believe the worst. I’ll forward you a copy and you can decide for yourself.

  7. Not surprised that Starbucks would be that way politically at all. IIRC, 85% of their political contributions go to the left. Starbucks is EVIL, even though the Chantico does sound intriguing. Besides, 21 grams of fat isn’t bad as long as it goes to the right places! 😈 I better “Say it!” here before I start channeling Sir Mixalot…. :mrgreen:

  8. All discussion about socially responsible purchasing decisions, corporate greed, and labour exploitation leaving StarBucks very low on the list of companies I choose to give my hard earned money to aside…… I have never tasted a StarBucks product I actually liked – – their plain old coffee is somewhat drinkable if there’s absolutely nothing else close and I’m staving off with drawl but that’s the extent of it.

  9. Oooh RedFred…Cadbury is eeee-vil. I have to make a special stop at the British shop for Crunchies and Flakes every now and then…eee-vil…the fru-it of the de-vil.

  10. LOL!

    I thought I was the only one who drank straight from the Hershet’s syrup bottle. My wife caught me doing it right after we had first moved in together and thought it was the grossest thing she had ever seen. I showed her a picture of my ex-wife and have since convinced her that straight from the bottle is the best.

    We are now working on getting over her fears of the cool whip cans!:mrgreen:

  11. I just got my quad grande soy latte (usually and americano drinker). However, for you and your fans that are chocolate lovers let me mention a little company in Oregon that makes the purest chocolate – organic too. Their name is “Dagoba” and their web site is:

    For example, their most darkest chocolate is called Eclipse – 87% cacao content. There are only 4 ingredients – all pure, all organic.

  12. 000000! now this sounds divine! I lurve chocolate and in fact my hubby despairs of my addiction. Melted chocolate in a cup is my idea of heaven ….. along with a PERFECTLY made cup of tea that is 🙂

  13. mmmmmm sounds good, reminds me of my visits to Madrid and the allnight chocolateria’s sipping chocolate and munching churro’s – absolutely great after clubbing it, a definite change from pizza or a kebab!

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  15. Chantico
    Just A Girl ? Chantico! has an interesting description of the new Starbucks hot chocolate drink. It is more like “warm chocolate” actually. Thanks to her, I stopped by Starbucks on January 25, 2005, to test the drink for myself. According to Lisa:

  16. I tried one tonight… Not bad. A little sweet for my tastes. I thought I’d try to make it at home. The resulting chantico recipe was born: (all measurements are approx)

    Homemade Chantico
    3/4 cup warm water
    3 heaping tbsp Frys Coco Powder
    8 heaping tbsp sugar
    2 tsp cornstarch + (1 tbsp water)
    1 pinch salt
    2 tsp butter (optional)

    Heat the water to near boiling. Reduce heat to medium. Add the coco and the sugar. Stir with a wisk for about 5 minutes to really disolve the coco powder. In a seperat bowl, add water to cornstarch and mix until completly dissolved. (If you don’t, you’ll get some nasty clumps.) Add the cornstarch mix to the coco/sugar mix and wisk briskly. After a minute or so you *should* have a smooth velvety yummy drink! For more flavour, add the salt and butter.

    It will thicken a bit as it cools, so add just a wee bit of hot water to thin it out again.

    The result is a very rich dark sweet coco, very similar to $tarbuck$.

  17. Pascal – thank you for sharing that! I’m going to give it a try today, as I have all the ingredients in my cupboard 🙂


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