Vacation Pics


Chris & Lisa - Not Sober

Chris & I – – It’s about 3 am and we’re having breakfast after a long, long evening of drinking an impossible amount of hurricaines. Behind all the casino/hotels there is a nice river walk that goes along the Colorado River. Along that walk is a booth that sells ‘Gator Bowls” – which is really a large 60 oz. glass that they will fill with Marguritas, Hurricaines or Daquri’s. They give you two straws — so, really – that’s only 30 oz. each, right? Except we ordered the first one for $16.00 (you get to keep the glass) – and then refills were only $5. What a deal, huh? We couldn’t pass it up, can you tell by the pic? 😉

Dan & Tammy - Not Sober

Here is Dan & Tammy after enjoying the same amount of the infamous Gator Bowl!

Chris & Lisa - London Bridge

Chris & I in front of the London Bridge. We’re looking pretty rough because this is the end of the day at Lake Havasu. We’d spent the entire day in the sun, on the lake – jet skiing all over the place. We’re pretty exhausted…dead tired and beat. But I HAD to see the London Bridge – which is pretty cool.

In the late ’60s, the London Bridge was sinking into the clay of London, England’s Thames River. Built in 1831, it was the victim of its own immense weight.

London officials said they’d have to replace the bridge. But what to do with the old one — the one of children’s nursery rhymes? London Bridge was really falling down!

Enter chainsaw magnate Robert McCulloch . He and a buddy purchased the falling down bridge for $2.4 million. At the time it was the highest price ever paid for an antique.

For the next three years, workers disassembled the bridge in London, then flew its bricks to America where they were hauled to then-tiny Lake Havasu City where they were reassembled over a newly dug out lagoon alongside Lake Havasu. The bridge was ready for business in 1971.

Pretty cool, eh? Yea – – I needed to see it and get at least one picture. Which is exactly what we did – – we got there, took the picture and then hopped in the truck and started the hour drive back to Laughlin. Chris and I slept the entire way back. We’re almost getting too old for this stuff anymore! lol

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  1. Good info on London Bridge…

    Click Here

    Most Enlish people beleive MrMcCulloch thought he was buying Tower bridge (the pretty one) and stiffle a giggle, however how much truth is in that I have no idea.

  2. Wheeeeeee! Looks and sounds like fun! You guys are sooo cute! And I totally remember the London Bridge story, but soooo forgot where it ended up! LOL!

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